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With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more private cars, so the market demand for high-grade lubricants is also increasing

1. The fake accuracy should meet the requirements in the "certificate of conformity" of the experimental machine. Small packages of high-grade lubricating oil

cars are generally high-grade lubricating oil with small packages. As a means of transportation, the owner of cars is not very clear about the authenticity of lubricating oil. To this end, illegal vendors pour substandard lubricating oil into beautifully printed brand packaging barrels and replace them with inferior ones; The surface is the same as the real packaging barrel, and the manufacturer and production date are marked on the bottom of the barrel with an inkjet printer, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish

lubricating oil packed in 2.200l steel drums

at present, it is very common to pack lubricating oil in 200l steel drums except in oil tanks. Every year, the petrochemical industry uses up to 20 million 200 liter steel barrels. Lubricant brands in the Chinese market have caused confusion in the management of the lubricant market due to geographical restrictions and poor information. For example, in today's lubricating oil market, there are "LANLIAN Feitian" in Northwest China, "Daqing" and "seven stars" in Northeast China, and "Great Wall" in Beijing. Generally speaking, consumers have a preference for local lubricating oil brands, coupled with the fact that the current 200 liter steel drum filling of lubricating oil has achieved outstanding results in the industrialization of scientific and technological innovation, and the packaging anti-counterfeiting is simple, so that illegal traders have technology and are constantly upgrading and upgrading machines to take advantage of. To this end, they have manufactured fake "LANLIAN Feitian", "Daqing", "seven stars", "Great Wall" and other lubricants in various places. From the appearance of the package, there are the same silk printing and anti-counterfeiting marks. Lanzhou lubricating oil factory jointly cracked down on counterfeiting with the Bureau of quality and technical supervision twice in 2004 and 2005, and found many fake "LANLIAN Feitian" lubricating oil from Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Henan and other places

source: Huicong printing industry channel

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