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On the afternoon of March 11, the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress was successfully closed in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. As the technical service support unit of the two sessions this year, China Telecom adopts 5g + video digital intelligent interaction mode and provides a new immersive digital intelligent video interaction experience with 5g technology support for the two sessions with 5g cloud services with large bandwidth, high speed and low delay

attach great importance to the careful organization and cohesion of support forces

due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the two sessions of the country still adopt a large number of online modes this year. In addition to the communication support task, China Telecom also undertakes the video interactive support work

China Telecom attaches great importance to the communication support of the national two sessions and firmly undertakes politics. The definition of fatigue life is the number of load cycles when the old woman is damaged. At one time, China Telecom has established the support leading group of the national two sessions and quickly invested in the support of the two sessions with an elite team, 28 senior experts and a professional team of more than 100 people. What are the common faults of the single arm tensile testing machine? At work. Under the requirements of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the project personnel formulated a thorough and detailed support plan and emergency plan with an extremely serious, meticulous and responsible working attitude and meticulous, exquisite and extreme working standards. Many assessments and drills were carried out before the meeting to ensure that the support work of the two sessions was foolproof

5g plus video interaction to create a new immersive experience

during the two sessions of this year, China Telecom fully deployed 5g + 4K radio and television grade ultra-high definition video conference system in the Great Hall of the people and the media center to provide video interactive services for press conferences, meetings, representative channels, committee channels, ministerial channels and other interview activities, so as to ensure the smooth progress of cloud interviews

relying on the service performance of 5g network with high speed and low delay, China Telecom innovatively adopts 5g + 4K video digital intelligent interaction mode to realize the intelligent switching between the panoramic picture and character close-up of the release Hall of the great hall and the Medea multi-function hall, so as to form a more immersive and telepresence interactive experience between the participants and the media

at the conference site, China Telecom set up an industry-leading micro LED display screen, which integrates cutting-edge video technologies such as intelligent control, intelligent maintenance and 5g data transmission, and is equipped with radio and television level 4K ultra-high definition video equipment to ensure screen-to-screen real-time transmission and interaction, and ensure high-quality, low delay space dialogue and screen like appearance between the Great Hall of the people and the media center

security guarantee cloud hearing helps the orderly promotion of the two sessions

China Telecom deploys optical fiber direct link from the Great Hall of the people to the media center, and provides 5g line all-weather backup service. The HD video conference system is designed as 1 + 1 automatic switching mode to ensure zero failure rate of the system in the process of video signal transmission and meet the uninterrupted transmission effect of venue interaction. At the same time, in order to ensure the stable operation of the system, during the two sessions, China Telecom extracted and connected the socket with the stump on his leg. Various experts formed a security team, and special personnel were on duty from the video security of the venue of the Great Hall of the people, transmission line nodes, equipment room to the operation and maintenance monitoring Hall of China Telecom

this year, the two sessions will continue to adopt the method of cloud hearing. China Telecom provides a safe, stable and fast cloud hearing network connection for the customization of cloud hearing. In the way of full connection, full synchronization and full interaction, the staff attending the meeting can have smooth contact with the participants, so as to provide better technical guarantee for the service representatives to perform their duties according to law


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