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A list of Southeast Asian style decoration pictures. The characteristics of Southeast Asian style decoration are as follows:

First: a trendy style that is close to nature and can express body and mind

II: suitable for owners who like comfortable life and usually collect ethnic style jewelry

III: in terms of apartment type, it is more suitable for large apartment rooms with a building area of more than or equal to 120 square meters

IV: it brings us a sense of nature and earthy simplicity

V: the materials are mainly solid wood, mainly teak (color: Brown and dark brown), together with rattan furniture and cloth clothing decoration (embellishment). The commonly used ornaments and features are: Thai pillows, sandstone, brass, bronze, wooden beams and window furniture

VI: in terms of line expression, it is relatively close to the modern style, mainly in straight lines. The main difference is in soft assembly accessories and materials. Modern style furniture is often metal products, machine products, etc., while the main materials of Southeast Asian style are solid wood and rattan. In terms of soft assembly accessories, modern style curtains are more intuitive, while Southeast Asian style curtains are dark and colorful, which can change with the change of light

VII: Southeast Asian jewelry is full of Zen and contains deep Thai classical culture, so it is characterized by Zen, nature and freshness

VIII: in terms of color matching, it is close to nature, and the color matching of some original materials is adopted

IX: neutral color or medium color contrast color is used on soft clothes, which is simple and natural. Among them, the recommended color matching of the big house is: dark color with light color accessories, as well as colorful curtains and Thai pillows; The recommended color matching for small houses is: light color matching with colorful soft decorations

X: it originated in Southeast Asia, and the domestic style originated in the Pearl River Delta. Because the Pearl River Delta is relatively close to Southeast Asia, and now the economic development speed is fast, so it is better to introduce that style first

Xi: it is used in the combination of handcraft, logs and raw materials

12: its regularity is stronger than the European style

XIII: the living room shall be selected with sufficient illumination, and the application of manual technology shall be grasped during construction

XIV: adopt more broad-leaved plants. If conditions permit, the collocation of pond Lotus can be adopted, which is close to nature

the above is a list of Southeast Asian style decoration pictures




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