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On July 10, the "Olympic quality home" imperial furniture national large-scale environmental protection public welfare Bank Guangzhou station was successfully opened in the imperial furniture industrial park

as the exclusive supplier of living furniture for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Royal Furniture, on behalf of China, showed the world the cultural art and manufacturing level of furniture, and made outstanding contributions to the development of China's furniture industry. On the occasion of the 2016 Olympic Games, Royal Furniture launched a large-scale national environmental protection public welfare activity of "Olympic quality home", cheering for the Olympic Games and helping environmental protection! After the opening ceremony on July 9, the Guangzhou station of the "Olympic quality home" imperial furniture national large-scale environmental protection public welfare trip was successfully completed on July 10

on the same day, some dealers from the Pearl River Delta, newly joined dealers and nearly 1000 end consumers participated in the event. Imperial customization + made a comprehensive introduction from plate material selection to process production. Through the use of more healthy and environmentally friendly Hexiang plate, solid and wear-resistant hardware and advanced design technology, Imperial customization + various series of boutiques were created. On the same day, Olympic gymnastics champion Deng Linlin also came to the scene to help, And participated in a series of games and cordial interaction with the host, jointly testing and witnessing the high quality of imperial customization + products

Deng Linlin participated in the interactive game to test the quality of the sliding door

the on-site personnel jointly tested Hexiang board

multiple interactive lottery was set up on the scene, and Mr. Dai Jing, the general manager of imperial customization + announced multiple preferential policies on the scene to send practical benefits to dealers and consumers and ignite the enthusiasm of the on-site personnel

Mr. Dai Jing, general manager of imperial customization + announced preferential policies

people present participated in the lottery

subsequently, end consumers placed orders and paid for new products one after another, and the total transaction value on the same day was expected to reach nearly ten million. Dealers said that they were confident in the market performance of imperial customization + products after the strategic upgrade. New dealers said that imperial customization + was their ideal brand to join, and they signed up one after another. Mr. Dai Jing and Olympic champion Deng Linlin witnessed the signing on the spot

line up at the event site to sign the order

Royal customization + general manager Mr. Dai Jing and Deng Linlin sign the sale together

it is reported that after the successful completion of the "Olympic quality home" Hong Kong Royal Furniture national large-scale environmental protection public welfare activity in Guangzhou station, in the next five months, it will be held in several cities across the country to jointly witness the quality road of Royal Furniture, and let's wait and see




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