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Compared with paint, wallpaper can highlight consumers' taste and preferences through a variety of textures, colors and patterns, and create a unique room style, so it is increasingly favored by consumers

the pollution of wallpaper mainly comes from the volatile organic compounds released by it, that is, formaldehyde. There are two main reasons for the formation of formaldehyde: one is that some free formaldehyde may remain in the process of aldehyde conversion and aldehyde reduction of raw materials during the production process; Second, the adhesive used in wallpaper contains free formaldehyde

because the environmental performance is invisible and untouchable, many small manufacturers only care about whether the wallpaper has good color and many colors, and do not consider environmental factors. In addition, in order to pursue the three-dimensional effect of wallpaper, some manufacturers will use ink and other non environmental friendly materials in the process of wallpaper processing, which makes wallpaper have hidden dangers of environmental protection and safety

in addition to the material, the production process also directly affects the environmental protection performance of wallpaper. For the same material, if the production process is not qualified, the phenomenon of environmental protection will also appear. The stable temperature of the drying oven and the advanced equipment directly determine the environmental protection level of the wallpaper. At present, the most advanced process is to dry the volatile substances in the wallpaper at one time through the drying oven, and then through anode and cathode electrolysis to ensure the stability of the wallpaper

in the production process of wallpaper adhesive, in order to make the product have better permeability, a large number of volatile organic solvents are usually used, which will release formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances. At present, the glue used by brand manufacturers in the market is mostly environmentally friendly, but the quality of glue used by many small manufacturers is unknown

now the wallpaper market is too chaotic. Consumers can't distinguish the quality by their naked eyes. Don't believe that expensive and imported wallpaper is good. It is recommended that consumers still buy products of well-known brands. Zero formaldehyde wallpaper only means that its formaldehyde content is lower than the detection standard, and it is not really free of formaldehyde. Now no manufacturer can achieve zero formaldehyde





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