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For many newlyweds who spend their money on buying or renting a house, how to decorate their love nest with limited money is an important issue. If we can carry out good matching and application, we can still decorate the new house vividly in the limited budget of the newlyweds. Now many young families will choose to decorate their new houses in the way of "cleaning" which is also called "cleaning workers". It refers to purchasing materials by themselves, finding decoration companies or decorating

start the journey of new house decoration carefully

for many newlyweds who spend money on buying or renting houses, how to decorate their love nest with limited money is an important problem. If we can carry out good matching and application, we can still decorate the new house vividly in the limited budget of the newlyweds

nowadays, many young families choose to decorate their new houses in the way of "clearing" which is also called "clearing" and refers to a project contracting method of purchasing materials by themselves and finding decoration companies or teams to construct. This method can reduce the price difference expenses caused by the construction party's "contracting labor and materials"

before shopping, the two of them had better make a plan and list the things and quantity they want to buy on paper. If the size is involved, be sure to measure the relevant size clearly before purchasing. Then, you can go to large-scale home building materials cities or hypermarkets with relatively concentrated types and brands, which can save a lot of traveling time

for the decoration of the newly married room, don't rush to buy everything at once. If you have money, you can slowly add it as the trend changes

there are tricks to save money when purchasing materials

1. Wires and water pipes buried in the wall should be of good quality, because once there is a problem, it will cost a lot to repair. While the decorations, curtains, lamps and lanterns hanging on the wall are relatively cheap. On the one hand, it is convenient to repair and replace them. On the other hand, if you want to replace them with new ones, you won't feel too distressed. However, large household appliances must be willing to pay for them, and quality, durability, power saving and so on should be taken into account

2. Buy a good brand for the switch, and choose an ordinary brand for the socket. Because the use frequency of the switch is high, the requirement for quality is also high, and the switch is generally installed in a prominent position, requiring excellent decorative effect. The frequency of use of sockets is relatively low, and they are usually installed in concealed positions, so there is no high requirement for decoration

3. When choosing floor materials, we should pay special attention to quality. We should choose well-known brand products as far as possible, whether it is the floor of bedroom and living room, or the floor tiles of kitchen and bathroom, because people have the longest contact with the ground, and generally do not have direct contact with the wall. The wall coating and kitchen and bathroom wall tiles can choose general brands, which can save a lot of money

tips on purchasing materials: during general holidays, building materials and furniture city will organize promotional activities more or less. If you are lucky, you can sometimes find special products in some high-end brands. Buying such products not only saves money, but also has high quality

create a festive atmosphere for the room

in the traditional impression of Chinese people, the new house must be dominated by festive red, red bedding, red curtains, etc. these "old-fashioned" things are still very necessary on the wedding day, which can highlight the festive atmosphere. But now the preference for color in the newly married room has been more integrated into personalization. If you want to get a warm home, you should consider the light color, layout, material decoration and other aspects as a whole

generally, the natural light in the room comes from the windows facing south. Double curtain is used. A layer of gauze curtain is pulled during the day, and the indoor light becomes soft. Add a thick curtain at night, which makes you feel luxurious. And lamps and lanterns are not only lighting, but also play a role in rendering and beautifying

in addition, the ideal wedding room must also have color matching. Wedding room layout should not only highlight the festive atmosphere, but also make long-term consideration. The interior color is composed of the six sides of the room, furniture, textiles, household appliances, decorative items, plants and other colors, and the pattern style and color should be coordinated. The wall and ground are the largest area in the room. Their color should be adjacent to the color of furniture, and the ground color should be slightly darker than the wall

a new house should choose a color as the main color of the room, and then match it with other colors. When choosing colors, seasonal factors should also be considered. In summer and autumn, light blue, light green, light gray and light purple indoor decorations are often used, which can give people a quiet and light feeling

many newlyweds buy a lot of clothes and daily necessities when they get married, as well as gifts from relatives and friends, various decorations, tea sets, wine sets, etc. These things must be placed in harmony

tips for home decoration

1. Try not to choose a large sofa with corners. A double sofa is no better, which is fashionable and emotional. Throwing a few leisure chairs with unique shapes at will solves the problem of entertaining friends to sit down; Furniture with simple shape, small floor area and light texture can be placed in the dead corner of the space, especially those that can be combined, disassembled and stored at will

2. If conditions permit, it's not too much to spend more money on jewelry. You can walk around the small household goods stores scattered in the places where petty bourgeoisie is concentrated, where there are often flash surprises inadvertently. Although some ornaments are expensive, you will understand the meaning of full house brilliance at the moment they are put out

3. Furniture should have multiple uses, not only one function, and can adapt to various changes. For example, the sofa bed is suitable for new houses without guest rooms for parents and friends to visit. For example, a child's bed can be pulled out from the bottom for the use of the nanny. The dining table is also a work table and coffee table. The dining table does not need to be transferred to a unified table and six chairs, but can be changed into a sofa and two movable chairs. The living room is not enough, and it can also be moved to other places

4. Red wedding photos and wedding photos are essential and can be hung in obvious parts. Many newlyweds are used to hanging large wedding photos on the wall at the head of the bed, which will affect the visual effect. It is recommended to hang them on the wall opposite the bed

layout tips: placing a few pots of flowers and bonsai will make your room full of vitality, and they can also purify your indoor air

bridal chamber "has a unique design

the bedroom, that is, the bridal chamber, is the center of the newlywed family and is a place that newlyweds attach great importance to. Its decoration should reflect a festive, warm and romantic atmosphere, and colors with romantic and warm temperament should be selected, such as pink, lotus root, peach, light yellow and so on

the light in the bedroom should be mainly medium and warm, and should not be too depressing. It is best to place desk lamps on both sides of the head of the bed, so as not to affect the rest of the other party when one party uses them. The curtain is thin on the outside and thick on the inside, which not only blocks the line of sight, maintains room temperature, but also does not affect the rest during the day. The patterns and colors of curtains, bedspreads, sofa covers and other fabrics should be coordinated, starting from the interior as a whole, so as to be friendly, elegant, comfortable and warm. Carpets can be partially laid on the floor beside the bed. If the bedroom is not large, carpets can also be paved

the bed in the newly married room is the most important furniture. Nowadays, the bed is not only becoming larger and larger, but also full of tricks in shape. Even circular or oval beds have appeared, and the back of the bed has changed from wood to cloth, leather and so on. But no matter what kind of bed you choose, warmth and comfort are the most important

you can also boldly use some skills to make your bedroom layout different. For example, the design of the big red bridal chamber, including furniture, beds, curtains, etc., adopts red, which can be changed after getting tired of it

precautions for bedroom design

1. The position of the bed should be as private as possible to avoid being seen as soon as you open the door. Moreover, the bed should also try to avoid direct sunlight, so as not to affect early morning sleep

2. The ceiling of the bedroom should not be too thick. Try to strive for the height in the design of the ceiling. Generally, the ceiling of the whole room is not allowed. You can use gypsum wire or wood wire to make a false ceiling, or to enhance the decorative effect, only make a circular ceiling around the wall with dark lights inside, which can render the warm atmosphere of the bedroom

3. The bedroom floor should be warm, and the color is generally neutral or warm, and the materials can be floors and carpets with good sound insulation effect

bedroom tips: the bedroom should have a good ventilation effect to avoid turbid air affecting sleep. The air conditioner air supply outlet of the bedroom should not be arranged in the place facing people who stay for a long time

decoration strategy of the newly married room (1)

entering the golden autumn, the weather gradually turns cool, but this does not affect the heating up of the house decoration heat. In this decoration craze, newly married families are a group that can not be ignored, because autumn is an important time for young people to choose a good time to get married and tie the knot, which integrates many festive festivals of Chinese people. Marriage means the birth of a new family. Before and after the birth of this family, people immersed in happiness will be busy, taking wedding photos, choosing household appliances and furniture, choosing wedding gowns, and planning wedding banquets. For young people who are about to enter the palace of happiness, the most practical problem they face is: how to decorate their new house and create their own comfortable love nest

after all, the house will be with us for a lifetime, which must be carefully conceived and comprehensively considered

for this reason, the "I love my family" home decoration network solemnly launched the theme of "complete strategies for the decoration of newly married rooms" in this issue. Through careful planning and all-round selection of materials, we hope this theme can provide your home with decoration strategies and home solutions to the greatest extent, and solve your urgent need

I. new house design - reserve imagination for the future

the new house design must leave room for change, and fully consider the aesthetic orientation of both husband and wife

when the newlyweds first got married, they were in a world of two people. Their careers were just starting, their children were not born, their economic foundation was not stable, and many furniture furnishings could not be in place at one time. If they finished decorating their new house at one time and filled the space, many disadvantages would be left. Because the concept of home design and people's life preferences will change with the changes of years, and the uncertainty of work will also cause instability in life. In the future, couples who hope to have children or consider taking their parents to live together in the future, they should consider some necessary reserved space in the indoor space planning

therefore, the new house design must leave enough space and room for the future, so as to facilitate the adjustment when gradually adding furniture or changing the layout in the future; At the same time, at the beginning of designing a new house, both parties should fully communicate their preferences to avoid emotional conflicts caused by contradictions in room design in future life

the decoration and furnishings of the newly married room should start from the interests and hobbies of both parties and their own economic affordability, so that the new house reflects the personality characteristics and aesthetic cultivation of the owner, and achieve the purpose of festivity, practicality, elegance and beauty at the same time

the design of the newly married room should first be comprehensively considered according to the space size, light and the surrounding environment. It should have a sense of integrity, the style of decoration and furniture should be unified, and the colors should be coordinated. In order to reflect the wedding atmosphere, some bright and bright colors can be used locally. Red wedding photos and wedding photos are essential and can be hung in obvious parts. But the newly married room should take into account the long-term future





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