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Zhejiang Xiyingmen Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. In a short period of four years, it has witnessed the rapid development of Xiyingmen wood door. Let's witness the market prospect of the wood door industry, and implement the three pronged approach of home taste and life

in the industrial chain of China's forest products industry, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are an important force. In the Jiangsu and Zhejiang wood door industry circle, Xiyingmen wood door, as an enterprise with many years of manufacturing history, has been attracting much attention, which makes us happy to see the original vision of the chairman of the board of directors Shenjianzhong, the founder of the enterprise. The development of Xiyingmen has stepped into a higher level from the manufacture of a single wooden door category to the manufacture of a full range of today's whole wooden furniture

from the "whole wood home aesthetics Museum" with a scale of 2000 square meters, which integrates the spirit of Xiyingmen, to the emergence of new products such as stairs, wood finishes, wine cellars, ceilings, cabinets, Xiyingmen has always adhered to traditional handicrafts and advocated the concept of home aesthetics. Xiyingmen home aesthetics museum is the witness of history, the inheritance of traditional handicrafts, and the focus of Xiyingmen brand reform. The success of channels and the success of terminal marketing are the results of the construction of Xiyingmen enterprise. Since its establishment, the company has always paid attention to channel construction, taking investment promotion and development as the top priority of the whole channel construction, which is also the key to the success of Xiyingmen company. With the help of a series of activities of "Direct stores of the company", the company will show its classic marketing model to dealers for learning and observation, improve profitability, and show the strength and brand charm of the company through on-site sales data, so that dealers can see the future of whole wood furniture, Therefore, the investment attraction effect is very good. The perfect terminal layout not only reflects the overall strength of the enterprise, but also shows the high-quality products of Xiyingmen to more consumers. The reasonable layout and the division of market areas have made Xiyingmen develop rapidly in the national market

based on years of production experience and process technology of whole wood household products, Xiying door products have won numerous praises such as "top 30 national wooden doors" and "top 10 Chinese wooden door brands". After making a breakthrough in the sales of peripheral markets, we have successively opened Flagship Exhibition stores in the markets around the headquarters. Every success and enterprise display has been highly recognized by the domestic market

every step of Xiyingmen is solid, because the enterprise has excellent products and quality, and let quality speak for itself. Xiyingmen is a symbol of life, but also a symbol of the quality of life of a class. "Heart, love, family and happiness" is the pursuit of Xiyingmen. Today, Xiyingmen is given by consumers. Every step of success and development, Xiyingmen is working hard to serve consumers across the country





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