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The knowledge of customizing and purchasing wardrobe is great. Because the wardrobe is usually in the bedroom, if your wardrobe does not match your bedroom, I'm afraid your bedroom life will be particularly constrained. Next, the old carpenter's wardrobe will talk about the space collocation of the wardrobe

the necessary customized furniture in the family includes kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs, beds and wardrobes. If the space in your home is a little small, the space that is not spacious will be particularly crowded after putting these furniture on. And the bedroom is our place to rest. If we don't arrange the space properly, it will always make people feel tied up and even depressed. As a big object in the bedroom, the reasonable placement of the wardrobe is a college question. Don't worry. The old carpenter's wardrobe gives you a trick

1. Let the wardrobe integrate into the wall

in recent years, the wardrobe has begun to "drill" into the wall from outside the wall, greatly freeing up space and increasing the practical area. It is suggested that the square dressing room can be designed as a U-shaped cabinet, which fully fits the wall. In the deep and long room, the wardrobe is arranged in parallel, and about 1 square meter of dressing space can be reserved. When the depth of a wide and long room is not very sufficient, the L-shaped cabinet design is better, so that it can have the widest visual effect and storage

in addition, the wardrobe can use the color similar to the wall to become an integral part of the wall, or use the mirror as the counter surface to visually expand the narrow space infinitely

2. Reasonably plan the wardrobe

many people say that the wardrobe is full without too many things. As long as you carefully observe it, you will find that there is still a lot of space in the wardrobe that is wasted. Businesses do not divide the internal structure of the wardrobe or only simply divide it. Some simply place a clothes hanging rod, and clothes of different lengths are hung together, resulting in a great waste of lower space, which also makes consumers feel very inconvenient when using the wardrobe. For consumers with very limited urban living space, to a large extent, it is equivalent to wasting money and space. Generally, the wardrobe will be equipped with lattice frames, drawers, push-pull mirrors, trouser racks, small hooks and hanging baskets, which can be combined and matched at will. It is recommended that you choose the combination of cabinets according to your actual needs and living habits

many wardrobes are not tall, resulting in a large section of space between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling being wasted, and it is easy to accumulate dust. It's better to choose a wardrobe that goes directly to the ceiling in a small room and make full use of the top area

3. The wardrobe sliding door saves space

the wardrobe with sliding door is the most space-saving, and it will not block the passage because the door panel is opened. When buying, people often only pay attention to the style and color of the sliding door, ignoring the guide rail. A good guide rail will be designed with two anti jump devices to ensure that the cabinet door will not bounce back safely when sliding. The pulley with only one anti jump device or without anti jump device is easy to derail when in use

in addition, the retractable wardrobe also greatly improves the adaptability and durability of the wardrobe





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