8. How to design and decorate the bathroom

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1. What are the use requirements of the toilet

the bathroom is an important place for family members to carry out personal hygiene work. It is a specific environment with dual functions of defecation and washing. It has strong practicability and high utilization rate. Every inch of area should be used reasonably and skillfully. Sometimes, some cleaning work in the family is also included, such as the placement of washing machines, washing pools (considering cleaning dirt), storage of cleaning tools, etc. {todayhot}

2. What are the basic principles of bathroom design

the basic principles of toilet design are as follows:

(L) toilet design should comprehensively consider the use of cleaning, bathroom and toilet functions

(2) the decoration design of the toilet should not affect the lighting and ventilation effect of the toilet, and the selection and setting of wires and electrical equipment should comply with the provisions of electrical safety regulations

(3) the ground should be made of waterproof, dirt resistant, non slip floor tiles, granite and other materials

(4) smooth and elegant ceramic tiles are directly used on the wall, and plastic plates, glass, translucent plates and other hanging plates should be used on the ceiling, which can also be decorated with waterproof paint

(5) hot and cold faucets shall be provided in the bathroom. Bathtubs or showers should be separated by movable partitions

(6) the floor of the toilet should be inclined to the drain

(7) the selection of sanitary ware should be coordinated with the overall layout

3. How to consider toilet floor treatment

the floor decoration of the toilet should meet the requirements of four aspects {hottag}: the front should have good waterproof; Second, better drainage; Third, it should have good skid resistance; Fourth, be neat and beautiful. At present, the floor of the family bathroom is mostly paved with moisture-proof floor tiles. Its operation is more convenient. First, chisel and clean the cement floor, sweep away the floating ash, and lay a layer of 1:2 cement mortar mixed with some building glue. The cement mortar should be smoothed as much as possible, and then stick the floor tiles together

4. How to choose sanitary ware

before decorating the bathroom, you should first understand the dimensions of all parts of the bathroom, and the design and layout should be in place. In addition to floor tiles, wall tiles, and hanging flat roofs, the focus is on bathtubs, washbasins, and water closets (baths are called "three piece sets"). Generally, there are the following requirements:

(1) price positioning: at present, there are imported original three piece sets with more than 8000 yuan, medium-grade three piece sets with 5000 yuan and low-grade three piece sets with less than 3000 yuan in the market. For the working class, it is more economical to choose sanitary ware with a price between 1200-2000 yuan

(2) positioning and unification of colors: at present, the colors of sanitary ware products on the market are very rich, including purple color, bone color, white, milky white, royal blue, pink, etc. when purchasing three sets of sanitary ware, it is better to choose products of the same brand from the same manufacturer to avoid strong contrast of colors

the choice of material: especially the bathtub. At present, there are many kinds of bathtubs in the market, such as cast iron bathtubs, steel bathtubs and pressure bathtubs. Their thermal insulation performance, smoothness, service life, style and price are related to the material. Similarly, before purchasing a bathtub, you must measure the length, width and net size of the bathtub position in the bathroom, and then select the appropriate products from bathtubs of 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.5m, 1.7m and other specifications. When selecting, pay special attention to the location of drainage pipes and other pipes to prevent knocking off the original wall, and pay attention to the bearing and moisture-proof of the floor. When choosing a toilet, be sure to measure the distance between the sewage pipe orifice of the toilet and the back wall in advance (i.e. "pit distance"). The conventional pit distance is 30cm and 40cm. Therefore, the pit distance of the selected toilet should be consistent with the original design size. If it is not consistent, it will not be installed or the gap between the toilet and the wall will be too large after installation. Although it can be reluctantly installed by adding skids and other measures, it will also affect the beauty and drainage function

5. Wouldn't it be too expensive to make some cabinets in the bathroom

how to decorate the bathroom concisely and practically is a headache and concern for residents with 4-5 square meters of small bathroom

there are the following ways to combine the toilet counter and sanitary ware:

(L) the combination of shelf type cabinet and three piece Sanitary Ware set. This decoration is a more common, practical and concise decoration method at present in terms of material and color matching

(2) the combination of three piece sanitary ware sets, and the corner of the bathtub is also equipped with a triangular glass plate, giving people a feeling of small production and full use of the corner

(3) the marble basin with shelf structure and the single piece combination of sanitary ware make the shower room more refreshing and lively

6. How to skillfully use bathroom components

the decoration of sanitary space should be based on the principle of safety and simplicity. The emphasis on safety is because people's skin is exposed more when they are active in the bathroom, and the space is generally very narrow. Therefore, components with smooth surface, no protrusions and sharp corners should be selected in order to avoid the risk of scratching the skin. The emphasis on simplicity is because people pursue cleanliness and relaxation

small greening, hardware, lamps and even daily sanitary supplies can be used as decoration and embellishment of the bathroom. If space permits, setting up some evergreen plants will be pleasing to the eye. The humid environment in the bathroom is also conducive to the growth of plants, but pay attention not to choose plants with different types to prevent people from getting hurt. Towels, cosmetic bottles and other daily necessities, because of their bright colors, can also achieve good decorative effects if properly arranged. In addition, components such as doors, windows, mirrors, faucets, handles, etc. can achieve the effect of "killing two birds with one stone" by paying attention to the combination of their functional structure and decoration

7. How to consider bathroom color

when you feel tired after a day's work, you can relax in the small world of the bathroom. Although the bathroom world is small, the planning should also pay attention to coordination and regularity. The color selection of the "three major pieces" of sanitary ware must be consistent, and the bathroom space should be designed as a whole. Generally speaking, white sanitary ware looks beautiful and comfortable, and ivory sanitary ware looks rich and elegant; The lake green sanitary ware looks natural and warm; Rose red sanitary wares are full of romantic and implicit colors. In any case, only by taking the three major pieces of sanitary ware as the main colors and echoing with the colors of the wall and the ground, can the whole bathroom be harmonious and comfortable

8. How to afforest the bathroom

the bathroom is a place with high humidity and temperature, which is unfavorable to the growth of plants, so we must choose shade tolerant plants, such as ferns, leafy rattan, Penglai banana, etc. White tiles are often used around the bathroom, with thick green foliage plants, which makes it more conspicuous and pleasing to the eye. The place should avoid splashing and contamination of soap foam





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