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A good living environment will not only give people physical enjoyment, but also give you a good visual experience. Let the living environment accompany your life and embark on a happy journey together. The rural style decoration design will bring you into a more natural world and make you feel the long-awaited spiritual comfort after living in the city for a long time

decoration owner files:

community: Zhaolin Yulong bay house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration style: pastoral style decoration method: half package contract amount: 70000 decoration company: Decoration bidding

the romance and freshness of the pastoral is the most classic style it presents. The fresh wallpaper on the wall, unique and natural pattern patterns, and furniture supplies also have unique pattern design, so that you can stay at home in spring, With the most original decoration to set off a comfortable lifestyle, the overall effect of the layout in this pastoral style study is very comfortable, which can let you work and study quietly in such a quiet atmosphere

the wallpaper in this living room is very similar to the color of the curtains. The large floor to ceiling windows bring enough good lighting to the living room. The warm sunshine passes through the bright windows, and the colored curtains swinging with the wind are like flowers blooming in the sun. Such a comfortable interior decoration is worth your possession. The charm of the countryside lies in that it can give people a very reassuring state, So that people can have a comfortable state in such an environment

the decor decoration in the living room renders the whole atmosphere of the living room very beautifully. The sofa is decor, and the curtain is decor. There are some flower potted plants in the room, which are also warm decors. There are flowers in places that can be used for decoration, so this kind of decoration is very suitable for the decoration that likes flowers, so that people can live a peaceful life in a very comfortable state

such a very elegant bedroom color matching is decorated with relatively simple and elegant wallpaper. A natural effect revealed by the pastoral style is very rare. The natural flavor and simple living environment shown by the pastoral style make you love such a bedroom state. The dark green small bed is matched with a storage desk of the same color. Such a unified decoration makes such a bedroom show a natural beauty

introduction to Zhaolin Yulong Bay community

Zhaolin Yulong Bay Seiko city building, quality life. It is an "aerobic" living and residential area on Optics Valley avenue that strives for excellence and pursues quality. At the same time, it takes advantage of the "double core" of Luxiang square and "CLD central living area". In the land of high-tech enterprise base, financial center and residential center, Zhaolin Yulong Bay fully reflects the value of "Optics Valley post CBD" and fully shares the value of "Optics Valley core residential area". Zhaolin Yulong Bay has a total construction area of 115000 square meters, which is divided into two plots a and B. It has a simple and modern architectural style. It is composed of three comfortable small high-rise buildings, six scenic high-rise buildings and nearly 10000 square meters of commercial supporting facilities. There are a total of 900 households, and there are abundant houses of more than 10 quality house types

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