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In the Chinese market, where daily consumer goods or industrial supplies, buyers are cold but none of them "answered" from variable investment and comparison, then ultimately choose the product which is sustainable, good performance, affordable and en a company is able to provide high quality products, customer-centric service and right price, it wll also be able to survive in a highly competitive market.

in the Chinese market, buyers of both consumer goods and industrial products have gone through many aspects of investigation and comparison, and finally choose a suitable product with good performance and affordable price, that is, the purchase process of high cost performance products. Companies that can provide high-quality products, customer-centric services and appropriate prices are also companies that can survive and develop in the highly competitive market

the cooperation between German Lloyd's test electronics (hereinafter referred to as Lloyd's test) and feixinda Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as feixinda) is one example

50 years of industry experience and trustworthy

the cooperation between Lloyd's test and feixinda began in 2008

with the rapid development of the electronic product industry, feixinda company urgently needs to find automation products that match the development of the company's automation production in a wide range of markets. After comparing the quality, price, matching degree of products provided by many companies in the industry and the industry background of the company, the relevant personnel of aviation and feixinda found that the company has more than 50 years of production and R & D experience, is in a leading position in the field of photoelectric sensors, and provides innovative and practical solutions for global industrial automation. At the same time, Lloyd's test is vigorously exploring the Chinese market. With its reliable and stable product performance, high reputation and high cost performance products in the industry, Lloyd's test has entered the purchasing vision of feixinda company

connected to 10 Experiment rotation direction: during the two-way down contact process, the technicians of the lab conducted various tests and running in according to the characteristics of the feixinda equipment, so as to ensure that the sensors finally adopted by the feixinda can be matched with the customer's equipment. With such a comprehensive service, feixinda was very satisfied. Its relevant personnel finally selected labor easy test as the sensor supplier, and chose prk3b series photoelectric sensor products according to the test results

a good product, of course, the more you use it, the better. As the manufacturer with the most complete variety of die-cutting machines in China, feixinda company carefully selects the accessories used and is meticulous about the quality requirements. At the initial stage of cooperation, feixinda company only purchased a small amount of products for trial use, mainly used in the fitting machine. In the subsequent in-depth cooperation, the sales engineers of the lab had a deeper understanding of the customer's needs, and recommended another product of the same series. Under the same condition that the equipment requirements were met, the product had better cost performance, effectively provided customers with high-quality procurement solutions, and successfully saved costs for customers. Since then, the cooperation between the two sides has become closer. Excellent product quality and all customer-centric service concept have won the trust and support of our customers

superior performance

in terms of product performance, take the prk3b series photoelectric sensor as an example. Feixinda uses the sensor to detect transparent materials, and the film is one of the detectable products. Prk3b series photoelectric sensor can detect transparent materials with a distance of 120cm and an accuracy of more than 0.02mm. Its performance is stable and reliable. Its protection grade is IP67 and its bipolar output. With the excellent characteristics of the product, prk3b series photoelectric sensors help feixinda company to realize the stable detection of transparent materials. What is more commendable is that the prk3b product has a detection speed of 15 m/min, which well matches the overall operation of the feixinda equipment

in the process of use, the equipment almost has no fault, which reduces various unnecessary production line downtime, reduces various labor costs, and significantly improves the production efficiency. In the market environment of rapid growth of labor cost, this is very important for production enterprises

friendly cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results

the customer's support for us is our greatest driving force and our greatest recognition of the company. This is one of the concepts of the company

I believe that in the future, with the increasingly perfect cooperation between the two sides, they will continue to maintain a good situation of mutual benefit and win-win results

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