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There is no need to print a set of standard aerosol cans

technical chemical is a major supplier of chemical products for the automotive industry. With the help of the new aerosol tank label technology, the company has pushed the product quality and customer service level to a new level. Technical chemical uses the "Johnsen" trademark and several other self owned brands to produce more than 400 kinds of refrigerants, lubricants and fuel additives for some large companies, which requires the company to have very high production flexibility. Technical chemical is excellent in this respect, and its customers benefit from it

due to numerous brands, the company selected the B H labeling system to make new labels

mike Schwartz, general manager of technical chemical, said: "The B H labeling machine provides us with great flexibility, especially for aerosol products. Labeling aerosol cans can reduce the requirements for inventory space, so that we can flexibly handle those small orders. The product delivery speed has been improved to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. The B H labeling machine enables us to quickly change from one product to another."

self labeling, more flexible production

traditional offset printing technology has been used for the decoration of aerosol cans. When technical chemical company had questions about this technology, it began to look for a more flexible method. After analyzing several methods, they focused on the shelf requirements and economy of packaging, such as warehouse volume, production capacity and material cost

they selected bh2000 labeling machine of BH company to accurately label the blank aerosol tank with polypropylene. This aerosol production line composed of two large pieces can fill small cans with liquid products and propellants. The 12 to 19 ounce aerosol cans produced contain a variety of products, including brake cleaner, carburetor cleaner, engine detergent and glass cleaner. These labeled aerosol cans have a high-quality pattern that experts and scholars from the national space microbiology discipline said during the investigation that it is very attractive to put on the shelf to help private enterprises break through this technical topic, and also improve the production process of technical chemical company

schwartz said: "In recent years, most retailers have developed their own brand plans, and companies with several brands have started outsourcing packaging. As a result, our special label business has grown rapidly. By labeling aerosol cans, we can flexibly handle a large number of trademarks without excessive increase in inventory. We can buy ordinary iron cans and several different labels, so that we can handle small batch production in an economical and cost-effective way We dare to accept a small order of 500 cases. "

in addition to its own Johnsen brand products, technical chemical also handles other five brands of products on its aerosol production line, with 25 varieties of aerosol products. After using labels to decorate containers and cans, it is no longer necessary to buy a large number of containers and cans decorated with traditional offset printing, which reduces inventory storage fees and space. The new decoration design period is short. With the container and can label technology, the company can easily complete the labeling work on time

accurate placement and fast switching

in addition to relying on B H label technology on the aerosol product line, technical chemical also asked b h to help improve the operation of brake fluid products. They installed a bh1600 machine to label HDPE containers of 12 to 32 Ounces capacity. Using BH 1600 to replace the old label equipment improves the production efficiency and switching speed

b h labeling machine has "quick switching" (RCO) capability, and one person can complete the conversion of container size and label in 15 to 20 minutes without tools. Due to less parts replacement and mechanical adjustment, the label operator only needs to clamp the components in place and select the container description from the system memory through the control panel. When the button is pressed, the vacuum drum, cutting drum, gluing system and other systems will be set automatically. Fast switching reduces the skill requirements for the operator and ensures that the labeling machine operator is in the best working state at any time

accurate placement of labels is a basic work of technical chemical. The BH labeling machine is equipped with a set of patent computer registration system (CRS), which can completely eliminate unqualified labels. However, unqualified labels often appear in the mechanical labeling system. An airborne computer cooperates with the advanced electromechanical system, thus providing infinite possibility of target change. The change of label parameters is detected by the sensitive element, and necessary adjustment is made automatically without reducing the speed of the production line or stopping the production line. CRS ensures the correct length and position of labels. Downtime caused by label management has been reduced by almost


technical chemical operates up to 400 kinds of products, including its own Johnsen brand automobile maintenance products and products with other trademarks. Among them, about 25 kinds of products use aerosol cans

real time tracking compensation

b h has also designed a WebTracker (reel tracking) system, which tracks the level of the label when it passes through the system and correctly pastes the label on the container. For each size label, an electronic eye is set at the standard level. If the label coil is high or low, the guide rail will move downward or upward to compensate for the change. Therefore, Audi and other manufacturers use such products to keep the label coil in the same position

technical chemical's customers not only require the container label to be perfect, but also require fast delivery. "The container labeling technology enables us to respond quickly and give timely feedback on customer requirements," Schwartz said He said, "with this new equipment, we can realize product conversion, but the downtime is very short. Our Johnsen brand products are sold all over the world. Therefore, in addition to making English labels for the United States, we also have Spanish and French labels."

compared with the same labeling technology, the roller system can reduce the cost of label materials and improve the production capacity of the production line because of the high speed of the production line. Different from the more complex rotary drum labeling technology, the linear drum labeling system has fewer moving parts and fast switching, which can greatly simplify the operation and maintenance. B H considers the convenience of use when designing the labeling machine: the labeling equipment does not need a special operator. Schwartz said, "now we have improved the overall production line efficiency while keeping the labor cost unchanged. This is because our operators can take care of a large production line." (Packaging Digest)

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