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No mistake in epidemic prevention production. Longjiang forest industry is in action. Release date: Source: Heilongjiang

epidemic situation is coming. 23 forestry bureaus and Co., Ltd. affiliated to Longjiang forest industry group have continued their "social functions" to fight with all their might; The group's snow Township, snow village, Fenghuang mountain, Pingshan and other well-known scenic spots pressed the "pause" button to prevent and control the epidemic; Each medical institution has sent 32 medical and nursing personnel to support the front line in Hubei; "Four doors locked" and carpet screening, mobilize all forces to mobilize epidemic prevention materials and life support materials...

800000 longjanssen workers constantly race against time to fight against the epidemic

strengthen the organization and leadership and sound the "rally" of epidemic prevention and control

"All units should adhere to the prevention and control strategy of 'internal non-proliferation and external anti input', and effectively do a good job in the screening and control of overseas personnel returning to the forest area at this stage; on the other hand, they should speed up the establishment of an economic and social operation order suitable for epidemic prevention and control, fight a tough battle around the restoration of normal production and living order, and effectively prevent and control the epidemic with one hand due to the fact that strain gauges are pasted on the surface of elastic elements, and pay attention to economic and social development with the other hand, so as to achieve two hands and two hands On March 6, Metallic Rockwell hardness test method gb/t 230 ⑼ 1, the group should implement various measures to prevent external import and internal proliferation at the regular meeting of the epidemic situation leading group office, resolutely prevent the epidemic situation from rebounding, and orderly promote the requirements of returning to work and production as the key tasks of the next stage, which should be deployed and promoted

briefing, situation analysis, key deployment... Such meetings have been held more than 30 times since the outbreak. In order to race against time in epidemic prevention and control, these meetings are basically arranged at noon. At this time, the latest epidemic prevention situation in the country on that day has been clear, and the arrangements and arrangements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government have also been made clear. Only forest industry organizations at all levels can implement them quickly. The high-speed operation of the "summit" organ and the rapid progress of relevant units have enabled the orderly and efficient implementation of epidemic prevention and control, setting a record of completing the "pull" screening of 800000 registered forest population in 36 hours. With efficient promotion, every prevention and control link from the initial "closing the door" and "controlling the people" to the current resumption of work and production can be effectively connected and implemented

the Group operates at a high speed, and 23 Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. are also fighting the "epidemic" with all their strength

Tongbei bureau implements temporary closed management on the site at the first time of the outbreak. All intersections are guarded by public security police in cooperation with 24 hours. They are responsible for discouraging traffic and personnel and resolutely preventing the import of the outbreak

a total of 264 buildings in 18 districts of Founder bureau are covered by leaders, Party members and cadres, and employees. The three-tier management mechanism of grid length, building length, and single length is implemented. Civil air defense is combined with technical defense. Wireless video equipment is installed at the door of key personnel, and 24-hour observation is conducted to prevent unauthorized going out

the Dahai forest bureau gave full play to the role of the "standardized" screening system, dispatched special personnel to set up a household investigation working group, conducted a standardized, pull-up and carpet type comprehensive arrangement for the overall household, did a good job in the screening and prevention of the recently returned Japanese and Korean personnel and personnel from other provinces, and implemented the "one person, one form" registration

taking the initiative as a demonstration of the "brave responsibility" of the state-owned enterprise society

"Weilin hospital will certainly do a good job in providing strong support for the Hubei medical team, make every effort to solve the practical difficulties and problems of the two families, and let the heroes in front have no worries about the future." Recently, leaders of Weihe Forestry hospital brought vegetables, fruits, eggs and other daily necessities to the homes of zhaozhongmei and mengqingyan, members of the first batch of Hubei Medical Team in the local hospital, and expressed condolences to their families on behalf of the group Party committee and the Party committee of Weihe Bureau

Heli Bureau, Bamiantong Bureau, Muling Bureau, provincial general hospital of forest industry and Mudanjiang forestry Central Hospital also sent condolences groups to the homes of Hubei medical team members. While sending greetings, they cared about the health status of their families, understood the difficulties encountered in life, and helped solve them

since the outbreak of the epidemic, the group's general forest industry hospital, Mudanjiang forestry Central Hospital, Muling, Weihe and other forestry bureau hospitals have sent 32 medical and nursing personnel to assist Hubei. At present, there are also 16 medical and nursing personnel in Suiyang, Linkou and other forestry hospitals on standby and ready to go out

care for 4500 doctors and nurses in forest areas and assist 32 medical team members in Hubei. Longjiang forest industry group allocated special sympathy funds. Zhangxudong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, also said that the organizations at all levels of the forest industry group will continue to care for the medical protection personnel working in the front line. On the premise of ensuring the normal prevention and control work, they will properly arrange the work of rotation, so that the front-line staff at the grass-roots level can fully adjust their bodies, maintain a good immune status, and participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, so as to resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention

on March 5, zhaohongyu, member of the group's Party committee and head of the Organization Department, led the group's patrol team to the relevant duty points in the urban area of Harbin. On behalf of the group's Party committee, he visited and expressed condolences to the party members of the sinking front line who participated in the epidemic prevention and control work, sent them disinfectants, masks and other protective equipment, understood in detail the work and the implementation of various prevention and control measures, and helped them solve the practical difficulties they encountered in their work

since February 19, in addition to the necessary personnel returning to work, the headquarters and units directly under the forest industry group have sent 270 party members to 136 communities to fight in the front line of epidemic prevention in Harbin. In addition, many forest workers are sweating to protect the forest area and their homes

Zhanhe bureau raised more than 12000 masks for free to distribute to the masses of employees. In response to the problem that some stores are unwilling to open business, it actively coordinated with merchants to send cars, people and help deliver goods, improved the distribution speed of materials, and spared no effort to ensure the life of people in forest areas

sunlei, a police officer of the Public Security Bureau of Shuangyashan forestry area, gave up his rest time to join the volunteer service in Zhenye community, welfare Town, Jixian County after taking turns at the command center

Zhang Yifeng, who works in the driving school of Suiling Bureau, and several "post-90s" kids form a "volunteer service team" to provide 24-hour free services for the elderly, patients, parents of newborns and people with mobility difficulties

donating masks, delivering vegetables, delivering meals to card holders, and delivering warm babies... More and more people in the forest areas have spontaneously offered their love, and have gathered together with the front-line staff to fight the epidemic

innovate the working mode, press the "fast forward" button for resumption of work and production.

strengthen prevention and control, not all of them need "crowd tactics". In order to prevent risks and hidden dangers caused by personnel gathering, the forest industry group not only encourages headquarters staff to work at home, but also holds epidemic prevention work meetings on the Internet, which is convenient for all departments and units to master at the same time, making personnel exchanges smoother and work implementation more accurate. The 35 newly recruited employees of the group came to their posts during this special period, accepted the baptism and tempering of the war "epidemic", and accumulated strength for the development of forest industry in the future

under the group's high-level deployment and scientific promotion, all forestry bureaus and limited companies, in close cooperation with the local government and forestry public security, have systematically promoted the epidemic prevention and control work in the forest region through joint prevention and control, mass prevention and mass treatment, and the phased results have emerged. The forest industry forest region, together with all parts of the province, has continued to improve the epidemic prevention and control situation by testing the impact load resistance of metal materials

at present, in accordance with the new requirements and new deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, Longjiang forest industry group will strictly follow the principles of external input prevention and internal proliferation prevention. While accurately promoting the epidemic prevention and control at the realization stage, it will focus on development and orderly promote the resumption of production and work in the whole forest region. On February 19, Longjiang forest industry group released the work plan for resumption of work and production during epidemic prevention and control, and all parts of the forest region resumed work and production one after another

after receiving the news that Fangzheng Forestry Bureau approved the resumption of work, gaojingqi, manager of Heilongjiang xiaoshutong pen industry Co., Ltd., said: "rest assured, we will do a good job in epidemic prevention and control!" The founder's Bureau assigned special personnel to explain the epidemic prevention knowledge to the employees of the enterprise, guide the epidemic prevention and control work of the enterprise, and provided sufficient masks and 84 disinfectant, requiring them to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control standards. At present, enterprises mainly engaged in product export, such as xiaoshutong pen industry and hongbangchui wine industry, have resumed production of basic metals one after another, with a slight rebound, and the return to work rate of enterprises reaches 90%

in recent days, more than 10 large and small fungus making workshops in Dongfanghong forest farm of Tokyo urban bureau have been running day and night. Farmers are rushing to get back to work. Edible fungus is the main item to increase the income of forest workers. At present, it is a key period for the production of black fungus bags. Its production status directly determines whether the people's money bags are full or not. The Tokyo City Bureau issued a "ban lifting order" on the production of edible fungi, and sent a number of departments, such as diversified economy, safety, public security and fire protection, to conduct joint inspection on 27 forest farms in the mountains to supervise the resumption of production in special periods

the operation and Management Department of the group has formulated a strict approval system to strictly review the enterprises within the group that are ready to resume work. Units with standardized prevention and control measures will speed up the handling, and those that are not fully prepared will not be "released"; The fire safety department held a spring forest fire prevention preparation meeting in advance to make comprehensive arrangements for the upcoming "spring prevention" work, and the preparation of machines and tools and personnel training are being carried out in an orderly manner throughout the country; The Forest Ecology Department has made plans in advance and accelerated the review process. A new round of forest tending has been carried out in an all-round way; The economic department under the forest has strengthened the research and guidance, and comprehensively promoted the preparation for spring ploughing in the forest area. The preparation for spring ploughing and the planting of edible fungi in 23 forestry bureaus have been carried out in an orderly manner

winter is over and spring is flourishing. In the spirit of "time waits for no man", Longjiang forest industry group is going all out to promote production and operation, promote reform and development, and strive to achieve "two no mistakes" in epidemic prevention and control and economic development

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