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In the new year, the environmental protection efforts have not been reduced. Some illegal enterprises have stopped production and dismantled equipment. In the new year, the pace of the Ministry of environmental protection continues. During the supervision, it was found that some enterprises in Liaocheng and Dezhou have illegal production. On January 2, all the enterprises involved had stopped production, and an enterprise in Liaocheng had begun to dismantle illegal equipment. It is understood that the production process of this enterprise producing glass fiber cotton is relatively backward. Although it has stopped production for many days, it has to continue heating in order to maintain the temperature of the glass kiln

on January 2, the Ministry of environmental protection issued another supervision notice, involving two enterprises in Shandong, namely, Jinan Jiyang Shandong Ziyan Food Co., Ltd. and Dezhou Wucheng Junjie new building materials Co., Ltd. To show the company's strong strength in materials and processing technology, Dezhou Wucheng Junjie new building materials Co., Ltd. is listed in the list of production suspension and restriction in the emergency plan, but has not formulated an emergency emission reduction plan

One third of the rain proof roof of the one-stage gas producer has been removed.

it takes 15 days for the kiln temperature to reach 1400 ℃

on January 2, the tester needs to calibrate the test span to ensure the stability and stability of the test support. At more than two o'clock in the afternoon, it is located in the north of the plant of Shandong Meihua Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. in Guyun Town, Xin County, Liaocheng, More than a dozen workers are busy dismantling the one-stage fixed gas producer of this enterprise. The roof covering the gas producer has been removed, and the plates cut by gas welding are stacked on the ground

at the equipment removal site, in addition to the relevant person in charge of the enterprise, there are also the acting mayor of Guyun town and other relevant leaders. It is understood that the town leaders rushed to the company early in the morning on the 2nd to urge the immediate removal of the equipment officially eliminated by the state

the inspection team sent by the Ministry of environmental protection found during the inspection in Guyun Town, Shenxian County on the afternoon of december31,2016 that Shandong Meihua Glass Fiber Co., Ltd., which belongs to Shenxian yihecheng group, used the one-stage fixed gas generator that was officially eliminated by the state, and the exhaust gas from the top of the furnace escaped, and a large amount of smoke from the glass kiln was discharged unorganized

a person in charge of Shandong Meihua Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. surnamed Pan said that after Guyun town started the emergency level I response measures for heavily polluted weather at 20:00 on December 30, they stopped production ahead of time. However, affected by the production process, the temperature of the glass kiln is as high as 1400 degrees Celsius, which will take about 15 days to reduce. It is understood that during the cooling process of the glass kiln, it is necessary to cool down slowly, otherwise the temperature will drop sharply, and accidents such as explosion may occur

it can be seen from the site that the demolition operation is under way at the north side of the plant, and the finished glass fiber cotton in the plant is being loaded and transported out. In addition, the whole production line of the factory has stopped working. In the glass kiln located at the innermost side of the plant, there are no more flaming flames in the past. The temperature in the kiln chamber is slowly decreasing. At that time, it has dropped to more than 1000 degrees Celsius

in this regard, the relevant leaders of Guyun town said that no matter what the reason, there should not be any unorganized emission, especially the production equipment prohibited by the state. At present, the emission phenomenon has disappeared, and the demolition of the one-stage fixed gas producer is expected to be completed in 3 days

as one of the most remote towns in Shen County, Guyun is located at the junction of Shandong and Henan provinces. Guyun 3 The relevant leaders of the town introduced that after receiving the instruction to start the emergency level I response measures for heavily polluted weather, the town held a mobilization meeting that morning. The staff of the economic development office worked until 2 a.m. the next day and assigned all the enterprises under their jurisdiction to every cadre of the government department

at the same time, the staff of the environmental safety law enforcement team and the Environmental Protection Office of the town conducted on-site inspection on 33 shutdown enterprises with serious pollutant emissions one by one on the night of December 30 to ensure that all the shutdown enterprises were in place. Other enterprises with less pollution can not stop production or limit production for reasons related to people's livelihood and safe production, or can not quickly achieve production restriction in a short time due to long process flow. The town requires enterprises to prepare enough clean coal to meet the emission reduction requirements

"under such strict work, I didn't expect such a problem to occur." The leader said that after the problems appeared, the town decided to sort out and investigate other enterprises one by one while eliminating the problems, so as to prevent the recurrence of relevant problems

the enterprises involved are also local old brand enterprises, which have been performing well. The person in charge of the enterprise said that, in fact, since the shutdown from December 20 to 22, 2016, the enterprise has not started to produce nearly Nissan

"it's not that you don't want to produce, but that you are really limited by the production process." The person in charge surnamed Pan said that as a glass fiber manufacturer, it takes about 15 days for the temperature of the glass kiln to drop, and it also takes time to rise. In this way, stopping production for one time is equivalent to one month without production. It's only ten days since the last shutdown, and the temperature can't fall or rise, so the production line in the workshop hasn't started

in fact, the cost of using the one-stage fixed gas generator eliminated by the state is similar to that of using clean energy gas. The main reason for using gas stoves this time is that they are in a hurry to produce, and clean gas is not enough. After the gas producer is dismantled, they can only use clean gas in the future, and the production scale of glass fiber cotton can only be reduced from more than 40 tons per day to more than 20 tons. "In any case, environmental protection and emission standards should be achieved first."

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