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No need to roar smart speakers: Ti has released a new burr

Ti has launched a new audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC), which can collect clear voice at a distance 4 times farther than similar products in the industry. Tlv320adc5140 is a smaller four channel audio ADC with the same performance in the industry. It is one of the three new burr Brown audio ADC series products launched by Ti. It can achieve low distortion recording in noisy environments, and can also perform far-field high fidelity recording in any environment

smart home system is facing the challenge of far-field audio acquisition. Due to the limited number of microphones and limited signal processing capacity, the existing smart home systems are difficult to collect and understand voice commands in noisy environments. The tlv320adc5140 can help engineers cope with this challenge. It can improve the audio acquisition across rooms to avoid idling, and enhance the recognition of hard to capture voice commands in applications such as high-end smart speakers, strip speakers, wireless speakers, high-definition TVs, IP network cameras, conference systems and smart appliances. This ADC expands the product portfolio of Ti burr Brown's high-quality audio-visual devices (including high-performance class D amplifiers, data converters and operational amplifiers). It can also help engineers save system design costs by reducing the number of microphones in the array

tlv320adc5140's main features and advantages

using the beam forming system, you can clearly collect audio in any environment: tlv320adc5140 has a built-in 120dB dynamic range enhancer (DRE). At the system level, the DRE scheme can enhance the bass audio signal while maintaining low distortion recording even when it is very close to the speaker output. Dre can also improve far-field high fidelity recording in all environments

high quality microphone provides high-quality voice compatibility: tlv320adc5140 is the first ADC that fully supports the latest high SNR microphone with a dynamic range of more than 106db

leading integrated multi-functional system design: the tlv320adc5140 can support up to four analog channels or eight digital channels (or their combination when they are fully fitted to the sample surface) of microphone input for synchronous sampling, thus ensuring system flexibility. In addition, it also provides programmable functions such as gain and phase calibration to balance microphone array mismatch. Other features include programmable gain amplifiers, high pass filters, channel mixing, and linear phase or ultra-low delay filters

small size, low system power consumption: tl2 The built-in function of v320adc5140 can help engineers reduce the burden of digital signal processing tasks, so that the design volume can be reduced without sacrificing the reliability of the system. At 48Khz, the power consumption of each channel is only 9.5MW

packaging and availability

tlv320adc5140 can now be ordered in Ti store, and is available in 4mmx4mm, 24 pin ultra-thin leadless (wqfn) packaging. Tlv320adc5140 4-channel 768khz Ti burr Brown audio ADC evaluation module adc5140evm PDK can also be ordered in limited quantities

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