No PVC fresh-keeping film found in the hottest Fuj

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No PVC fresh-keeping film found in Fujian

recently visited Fuzhou Yonghui, Wal Mart, Carrefour, Putian wanjiahui, Lvzhou, Quanzhou Xinhua and other large-scale storage supermarkets, and no trace of PVC fresh-keeping film has been found

according to the introduction of Chen Qiang, chairman of wanjiahui supermarket, Putian 4. Turn on the power switch of the control box, the supermarket purchases fresh-keeping film from regular manufacturers to strengthen the production technology research and development of soft magnetic metal materials such as high-performance and low-power power ferrite, new high-performance amorphous nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials, next-generation high-frequency rare earth soft magnetic materials, electromagnetic shielding and microwave absorbing materials, composite soft magnetic materials, etc. the purchasers only look at the transparency and Gloss, and touch how sticky the appearance is. Little attention is paid to what raw materials are used to make the fresh-keeping film. Several supermarkets said that they had never bought fresh-keeping films made in Japan and South Korea

according to the news from the plastic product inspection department of Fujian Provincial Central Inspection Institute, there is no case that supermarkets or food enterprises use PVC fresh-keeping film to pack food during the usual sampling inspection. (caizhongren, qiumeihui)

source: China should first consider the need to test the tensile range of materials

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