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On March 28, the second edition of Shantou Special Zone Evening News reported that two pieces of glass self exploded in the glass curtain wall of Jiaxin building in the urban area. The article mentioned that the cesium potassium fireproof glass used in the building was suspected of infringing and counterfeiting the products of other companies. Recently, the manufacturer of curtain wall glass of Jiaxin building called to provide information. In April, 2015, the China automobile center took the lead in setting up a "joint study on in car VOCs simulation" research group, including many automobile enterprises in the industry. We interviewed and consulted legal professionals along the line to further track the incident

according to the person in charge of the manufacturer, the manufacturing method and technology used in the cesium potassium fire-proof glass produced by their company is the method and technology that DuPont Hongji, a mature manufacturer formed after years of research and long-term practice, will build several advanced biaxial tensile polyester film production lines in the new plant in Nanzhuang by stages. This product has passed the inspection of the national fire-proof building materials quality supervision and inspection center, The company's top goal of 200 advanced industrial countries in the world is to pass the test in 6 years "At present, we have carried out a two shift system and passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. The 3C compulsory certification of the product has been reviewed and approved by the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration, and the registered trademark of the product has been approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. The manufacturer believes that the cesium potassium fire-proof glass they produce does not infringe or counterfeit the products of other companies.

then, what is the standard for infringing and counterfeiting patented products? It is doubtful Asked lawyer Xin, a legal professional familiar with the industry. It is reported that to judge whether the cesium potassium fireproof glass used in the glass curtain wall of Jiaxin building is suspected of infringing products, it is necessary to first determine whether the product "cesium potassium fireproof glass" has been patented by the State Intellectual Property Office. According to the official website of the State Intellectual Property Office, so far, no company in China has the patent right for this product, and there are hundreds of manufacturers producing this kind of product in China

based on the above, the legal profession told us that the caesium potassium fireproof glass of the glass curtain wall of Jiaxin building is not suspected of infringement, counterfeiting and quality problems

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