No. 4 newsprint machine of the hottest Lange Bruge

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The No. 4 paper machine of langerbrugge paper mill was put into operation. Stora Enso announced that the new No. 4 paper machine with an annual output of 400000 tons of langerbrugge paper mill in Belgium under the company has been put into production since May 31, and is expected to achieve full load operation in 2005. The 500million euro project includes a new paper machine, a deinking plant and a 75million watt power plant with rich operating experience in the industry of China's 5 mines. It is the largest single investment in Stora Enso's history. This 11.1m wide paper machine from Metso Paper will be the largest paper machine in the world. It is expected that by 2005, the paper machine will reach the design fastest speed of 2000 m/min

the senior vice president of the company said that although the spring of the new paper machine is used in a large amount, its production will not break the balance between supply and demand in the market. This new product has better cohesion than the existing anjianneng perforated spraying foam thermal insulation material. The project with a total investment of 500million euros (442million US dollars) includes the closure of the paper machine with an annual capacity of 110000 tons in summa factory in Finland and the overpressure paper machine with an annual capacity of 120000 tons in langerbrugge factory. The company will shut down these two paper machines from the date when the new paper machines are put into operation. Therefore, the production of the new paper machine will only increase the production capacity of European paper by 0.5%

the company said that the reason why they chose to install the new paper machine in Belgium was that the machine would use 100% waste paper as raw material, and the excessive supply of Belgian waste paper market was conducive to the collection of raw materials. Stora Enso has signed a 10-year waste paper supply contract with local traders to ensure their raw material supply. In addition, langerbrugge has a good geographical location and convenient transportation

relevant data:

langerburg factory consumes 700000 tons of waste paper annually. According to the previously released data, the No. 2 paper machine of the plant has been shut down, and the No. 3 paper machine has been converted to super calendered paper (SC). At present, the total capacity of the whole plant is 565000 tons, including 165000 tons of super calendered paper. Stora Enso also shut down the No. 1 paper machine of Summa paper mill in Finland in May this year

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