Is the window glass safe in the hottest maintenanc

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Is the window glass safe in the maintenance class

in some traffic accidents, when some vehicles are seriously hit, the windows are intact and the hardness is reassuring. Sometimes, some negligence in car life will cause damage to the window. How to ensure the safety of the window? Next, let's learn more about it

the front windshield of the vehicle is the most vulnerable part. Therefore, the front windshield of cars on sale at present is safety glass. The advantage of this material is that even if it breaks or even shatters, the glass can still be kept as a whole without scattering and hurting people, but this has little impact on the price (except the door type). In contrast, the glass on both sides is much more fragile

start from the habit of using cars

generally, the glass damage caused by negligence or accident is mostly concentrated in the front windshield, so we should be more careful in the process of using cars. When driving on sand and gravel roads, slow down the speed and keep a distance from the front and rear vehicles to avoid the front vehicle rolling up sand and gravel particles to damage the windshield. In addition, try to avoid following the truck closely to avoid scattering some debris hitting the glass

on the center console of the front windshield, try not to place sundries, and some hard objects that are easy to damage the glass should also be placed away from the window as far as possible. Even in the rear row, try not to place objects that are easy to damage the glass, so as to avoid sudden braking, which will cause them to be impacted forward to the front windshield by inertia. Develop the habit of checking the windows before parking, such as forgetting to close the windows or not completely closing them, which will give some criminals a chance to start

of course, the most important thing is to park the vehicle in a regular and supervised parking area. At the same time, pay special attention when parking, and try to avoid parking spaces where falling objects may appear high above the ground. And no valuables are stored in the car

how to repair the damage

the more common window damage is the window cracks caused by the impact of hard objects such as stones. At the initial stage of these crack points, they can be repaired in some professional glass beauty shops, but this kind of repair technology has high requirements for the crack area, and the broken area of about oneortwo centimeters or more cannot be repaired, so we can only choose to replace the glass

of course, many friends choose not to repair cracks after strategically using TPU to connect prosthetics with athletes. According to relevant professionals, this will not have a great impact on safety, but the cracks will become larger and larger. If the weather is cold, the speed will increase and expand. However, although it will not affect security, it is hard to say whether such a phenomenon will make it easier for some criminals to start


about glass insurance, nanofibers are made of natural biological resources such as trees, waste wood, plants and waste paper. Some friends will insure their vehicles against glass insurance. The full name of glass insurance is: glass breakage insurance. The scope of compensation is glass damage caused by parking and use, and the glass damage caused by accidents should be compensated by car damage insurance

in addition, many friends will put film on their cars when they buy a car. Here we need to remind you that if the glass of your vehicle is damaged and the claim is settled through the glass breakage insurance, the insurance company is not responsible for compensating you for the money of the film. If you have an accident with another car and the glass with the film is damaged, the insurance company can compensate you for the film according to the standard of 2000 yuan on the compulsory traffic insurance, but if the price is higher than this, you need to pay for it yourself

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