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White paper on home furnishing industry whether man Tianfei is an industry standard or a show

white paper on home furnishing industry whether man Tianfei is an industry standard or a show

November 8, 2010

[China paint information] in recent years, home furnishing industries including home appliances, flooring, ceramics, sanitary ware, furniture, cabinets, home decoration and so on have launched white papers to publicize their industry standardization and industry promotion. On March 28, the household appliance industry released two white papers in one day, namely, the first white paper on low carbon white electricity in China issued by Galanz and the 2009 white paper on ceramic industry launched by the new list. With such a high frequency of release, is white paper still white paper? Among them, the real role lies in standards, or show

current situation: household white paper "flying all over the sky"

don't know if you don't check it, you'll be surprised if you check it! Through the online search engine, we can count the relatively mature industries in the home furnishing industry, such as home appliances, home decoration, flooring, ceramics, bathroom, furniture, cabinets, coatings, etc., more or less, or manufacturers or merchants, or associations or media have published white books of various names. Among them, the number and frequency of home appliances, flooring and home decoration are the largest

it is understood that in the eight years since the launch of the white paper on the cost of oaks air conditioner in 2002, the number of white papers of China's electric power industry (see the map) can be calculated in hundreds. Many first-line brands have launched white papers, and the variety of categories makes it amazing to choose the load range according to the sample. Only Gome Suning chain giant released white papers on annual market, product quality, consumer demand, price reduction and promotion, trend prediction and other items on air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, color TVs, gas appliances and other major TV sets, which not only consumers, but also professional media people can't digest. Interestingly, although there are a large number of white papers on household appliances, Haier, Midea and Gree are the three major household appliance giants in terms of industry standards and influence, but so far, they have not borrowed the "authority" of the white paper to do the market. Are they too confident? Maybe this is the real king

look at the flooring and home decoration industry, and various types of flooring, such as solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, oak flooring, etc; In all aspects of home decoration, such as quotation, construction, acceptance, cost, environmental protection, low carbon, etc., we also see that different associations and enterprises have issued relevant white papers. The current situation of household white paper is full of chaos

Crux: excessive hype standards also become a show

why do frequent white papers cause everyone's doubts? Why does the white paper that has not really become the standard stand out among the numerous white papers? These two questions are enough to explain the problems of the white paper on home furnishing. When an enterprise releases a leather book on the implementation of high-efficiency electromechanical products due to the large amount and wide range of electromechanical use, the national development and Reform Commission pays 10 points attention to the white paper, it will always add "the first" and "the first" before the name of the white paper, or add the attribute of "the first to open a precedent" after the name, just to tell the industry the authority of the white paper with the title of boss. For example, the ceramic white paper provides a panoramic view and rational analysis of the ceramic industry throughout the year, creating value and pointing out the direction for the industry. The low-carbon white paper takes low-carbon as the direction to help enterprises seize the commanding heights of the international market

regardless of whether the white paper can become the leader of the industry, at least this false, big and empty propaganda obviously exaggerates, making the action that should be supported become hype. In the end, even if it can become an industry standard white paper, it will eventually fall victim to show. [: the mini furniture of dwelling life caused by high house prices is popular with young people]

Chen Wanli, a famous designer, said in an interview that there were not so many leather books in the early years, and not so many people paid attention to them. The quality of the content was really good, which played a certain standard significance. Later, many material vendors followed suit and launched these leather books, which were simply dazzling. The designers not only didn't really read these leather books, but also the organizers who released them rarely distributed them to the designers. He believes that such a leather book is how standard, we have to add a question mark

hype the white paper is self-evident. You see, "after releasing its first white paper, oaks pushed the white paper again after a few years, lifting the banner of exposing the black, causing an industry earthquake", "Changhong issued a white paper on class I energy-efficient air conditioning to declare war on the whole industry", so it was noisy and tiring to publicize its voice in the name of the white paper

point of view: the standard of reading flowers in the fog urgently needs to be standardized

white paper refers to another name for an important document or report officially published by a government or parliament with a white cover. If people in the home furnishing industry really understand the meaning of the white paper, it should not appear that today's white paper is not authoritative, and people in the industry and consumers are like seeing flowers in the fog

at present, a large number of research institutions use the authoritative meaning of "leather book" to Title Some research reports with the name of "leather book" to prove that the content of the leather book is representative and authoritative. This is the case with the proliferation of household white papers. What we see is just a show in the name of leather books, completely covering its standard role. [: Interpretation of the white paper 2010 Private Enterprises in the home furnishing industry have become the mainstream group]

the reason is that many home furnishing industry standards are not standardized. In the absence of a unified national industry standard, business owners will of course act in their own ways, and have the opportunity to issue a white paper to flaunt their industry authority. Especially in the holiday season, white papers will appear more intensively and become the publicity hotspot of enterprise marketing. Over time, the authority of the white paper has been virtually weakened, and consumers' recognition of the industry is declining, ultimately damaging the establishment and maturity of industry norms

however, it is gratifying that in the past, various manufacturers adjusted the position of the tensioning wheel accordingly (the lower shroud of the main body needs to be removed and left behind); Marketing has competed to release the white paper. Now major industry associations and professional media have also joined the tide of white paper release, and more comprehensive and authoritative information has gradually come to the fore. As Xu hetie, President of Guangzhou Building Decoration Industry Association, said, the act of publishing the white paper itself is positive from a positive point of view. The release of the low-carbon white paper fully illustrates this point, but the City Decoration Association will not have the talent to produce by itself, and it will not release the white paper casually when it finds that its own plastic extrusion machine responds casually

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