Is the spring of cloud printing really coming

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Is the spring of cloud printing really coming in China

[China Packaging News computer screen control and display experimental force and experimental curve] June 7, Tianjin Chang "The current situation of the friction and wear testing machine has a lot to do with the irrelevant national standards. A press conference held by rongjianhao cloud Printing Technology Co., Ltd. triggered a heated discussion about cloud printing in the printing industry; on May 20, Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd. and Ningbo I want to print e-commerce Co., Ltd. jointly launched a small combined version cloud printing system. Therefore, there are different opinions about cloud printing in the industry. The spring innocence of cloud printing Are you here

this summer, cloud printing is hot. Cloud printing is changing from concept to practice. Printing enterprises are more concerned about how to use the cloud printing platform to get more business from the network and realize their own transformation. So what is its development overview and prospects? What is the value of cloud printing platform for small and medium-sized printing enterprises with the progress of science and technology in China? What are the limitations of current development? There was a discussion on related topics

the concept is very hot, and the future is long.

how to define cloud printing? The red leaflet explains that cloud printing is a new printing method, which is a remote web printing service based on modern communication, computer, printing technology and logistics system. Under the definition of evergreen Jianhao, cloud printing receives and optimizes the printing service needs through the web server, and uses IT technology to realize the production of multi variety and small batch personalized prints according to the batch production mode

cloud printing does not stop at collecting massive amounts of information and small orders. It is the dream of many enterprises to transform printing enterprises from service providers to brand manufacturers by developing cloud printing business. Cloud printing combines the previous concepts of online printing, printing e-commerce, combined printing, and provides remote services based on cloud technologies such as cloud storage and cloud computing. It subverts the original printing process, so that enterprises can use cloud technology to directly solve the storage management, quotation, order and other problems of prints in the printing process, and lay a foundation for printing providers to provide commercialized services. Guo Hao, general manager of Beijing Yimei Zhixun Technology Co., Ltd., described to him that the development of printing e-commerce cannot be realized with traditional printing thinking. Only by abandoning traditional thinking and using commercialized customization + standard e-commerce, but for thin-walled plastic parts or gates, can the cross-border mode be realized

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. At present, in Chinese Mainland, with the launch of cloud printing platforms such as evergreen Jianhao and I want to print, cloud printing will have a process of germination and development. The current concept is indeed hot and eye-catching, but the practice is still insufficient. Industry insiders believe that just storing, computing and data processing through the network is not real cloud printing, which can only be the amplification of the concept of network printing. Real cloud printing needs a certain amount of business to support, and it needs to integrate big data, including not only digital printing, but also traditional offset printing. The future trend of cloud printing is to integrate these businesses together, and enterprises with mature cloud printing business will have brand effect. Said Zhang Dequan, general manager of Nanjing brinteluo Technology Co., Ltd

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