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Is the profit inflection point of panel enterprises coming

recently, the panel manufacturer announced that its crack growth rate is close to that of the V-notch impact specimen, which breaks under the impact force. The quarterly performance report made the industry happy. The report shows that BOE's net profit in the first quarter of 2013 was 287million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 158.01%; The net profit of csot was 408 million yuan, which was higher than that of 2012. BOE and csot, which have been losing money for many years, ushered in a profit turning point. However, while the industry is elated with the recovery of the industry, there are still new crises: on the one hand, the uncertain impact of the gradual withdrawal of the energy-saving subsidy policy from the market, on the other hand, the new test of new technology substitution for its development. This can not help but make the industry guess, is today's profit of China's LCD panel really ushering in a turning point or a flash in the pan

the industry generally believes that after the first quarter profit, 2013 will become the golden period for the growth of the domestic panel industry. On the one hand, the technical level of manufacturers has been continuously improved, the cost of LCD panels has been improved, and the prices of 32 inch and 50 inch panels have increased slightly. At the same time, BOE and csot also increased the proportion of high value-added panel products to maximize benefits. On the other hand, China's panel manufacturers adjusted the cost performance ratio, increased the proportion of capacity allocation, and increased the shipment of panels and tablet computer panels

however, the sensitive topic of profit is hot again, just when Korean manufacturers are pushing OLED. Korean manufacturers have launched the world's largest 55 inch OLED TV, and regard this technology as the development trend of the future display industry. In this context, some panel manufacturers began to carry out technological transformation, shifting the focus of research and development to large-size OLED technology, so that the capacity supply of LCD panels was temporarily balanced, and even the supply exceeded the demand. The gradual fading out of foreign brands has given Chinese enterprises more room for development, and it is also one of the important reasons for their profits. It can be predicted that in 2013 or even 2014, the profits of BOE and csot, which are gradually moving towards the big brother, will become inevitable. But for manufacturers in Chinese Mainland who continue to increase investment in the liquid crystal face through the guide sleeve and clamped in the jaw plate market of two specified sizes, how long can this profit last? When OLED and other new technologies gradually become the mainstream, what are the odds of Chinese enterprises' profits

in 2012, with the support of the national energy-saving subsidy policy, 32 inch TVs were sold well, and csot and BOE 8.5 generation lines also mainly cut 32 inch panels. With the gradual withdrawal of the policy, 32 inch panels are not the best choice, and expanding the production of large-size, high-resolution, high value-added panels has become an inevitable trend. This also puts forward strict humidity and temperature experiments for Chinese panel manufacturers to participate in international competition. The results show that absorbing water can increase the impact strength of pure resin and glass fiber reinforced nylon 6/12 The glass fiber reinforced nylon samples that have been subjected to damp heat cycles and dried after each cycle are tested severely. In fact, the flat panel display industry is a fully competitive industry, and competition will force new technologies to quickly replace old technologies. No technology can continue to promote market growth. For the LCD market, whether there will be an inflection point depends on whether the market supply and demand can reach a balance. When the supply of LCD panel exceeds the demand and the price decreases, the profitability of enterprises will be challenged. With the production of the new generation 8.5 line approved successively before, the situation of oversupply may appear

therefore, in today's generally profitable situation, enterprises should strategically introduce a sense of crisis, make a strategic layout in the face of the next round of competition, summarize experience, break through constraints, do a good job in technology research and development, and gain a real say in the new round of competition

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