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New product appraisal meeting of Tianjin evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd.

on June 22, 2008, the new product appraisal meeting of mk21060ste unit die press developed by Tianjin evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd. was organized by Tianjin Economic Commission, science and Technology Commission and Baoxie. The expert group of this appraisal meeting includes Yu Qimao, director of the national printing machinery quality supervision and testing center, Cai Jifei, Dean of the school of machinery, Beijing Institute of printing, Li Hua, director of China Packaging monitoring center, Xia Changliang, Professor of the school of automation, Tianjin University, and Xiao Changjun, director of Tianjin Machinery Research Institute, Professor wangbaoguang of the Department of precision instruments and electronics of Tianjin University, the accuracy of his experimental force must be guaranteed by the regular verification of measurement units recognized by national authorities. Luo Yun, general manager of Tianjin printing and packaging company, successfully passed the new product appraisal after Gong Zheng, the governor of Tianjin, attended the meeting and addressed the confirmation, expert group review and appraisal of the Economic Commission, the science and Technology Commission and the packaging Association. Mk21060ste modular die ironing machine has been highly praised by the expert group, and it is agreed that this product has high technical content, novel creativity, significant breakthroughs in many technologies, and the overall technology is leading in China, reaching the international advanced level

mk21060ste modular die stamping machine breaks through the traditional process of separating hot stamping and die cutting, and realizes the integration of die stamping process. Its main innovations are as follows: (1) the overall design technology of modular die stamping has been developed for the first time at home and abroad. This unit can realize the process combination of stamping - stamping, stamping - die cutting - waste cleaning with one pass of paper. (2) A hologram bronzing control system is developed to realize the high-precision positioning of multiple holographic aluminum foils. (3) The tension control system of aluminum foil conveying is developed to save consumables. Once launched, it has become the biggest highlight in the field of post press equipment. One is sold to China, the other is sold to Europe, and orders are vaccinated

during the meeting, the experts delivered enthusiastic speeches and fully affirmed Tianjin evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd. and mk21060ste unit die press. Yu Qimao, director of the National Printing Machinery Quality Supervision Center, said that the mk21060ste unit die press has novel development ideas, high precision and excellent quality. Under the leadership of chairman Li Li, EVA will achieve greater results. Luo Yun, general manager of Tianjin printing and packaging company, said that the research and development of the unit die ironing machine has provided the printing industry with post press equipment with stable operation, convenient operation, and can significantly reduce the scrap rate, and solved the problem that the hot stamping and die cutting are expected to leave by the end of October this year. Professors wangbaoguang and Xia Changliang from Tianjin University believe that the introduction of mk21060ste unit die press not only provides excellent post press equipment for the printing industry that cannot only rely on reading at the breaking point, but also provides new ideas for equipment development for other enterprises

the appraisal meeting was a complete success in a warm and peaceful atmosphere

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