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New performance characteristics of large format double-sided printing machine

this printing machine completes the printing of 64 pages of four-color A4 format with the highest printing quality of flat offset printing machine at one time, and after longitudinal cutting in the middle of the printing sheet in front of the paper receiving device, it is stacked into two stacks of double-sided printing paper for the folding process of two standard folding machines. The efficient operation of this large-scale flat sheet printer has been realized in Augsburg. The first roland900, XXL double-sided printing machine with a format of 8 was officially put into production in himmer company. The machine has begun to print books, and the outstanding performance of MAN Roland, an innovative device, is impressive. Hanneseesele, chairman of the board of supervisors of himmer company, is very satisfied with this: the cooperation with Roland company to develop this double-sided printing machine has received a real return. We call format 8 gold format, because it brings advantages to almost all our live parts. Dr. mansilon, a member of the board of directors of Manroland Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the global flat offset press business, stressed that the three keys to the success of himmer company are: be brave in innovation, take a clear business model as the purpose, and give infinite impetus to the cooperation of the project

the result of this latest cooperation project is the new roland900, XXL offset press with double-sided printing function. This offset press is mainly aimed at the field of commercial printing and publishing printing. It is looking for a printing service provider who is printing covers and books on paper cards by double-sided printing, even if they have extended or expanded to the corner under the head or head post before being broken. The classic products of commercial printing enterprises are dina4 format catalogues and pamphlets, while the products of publishing and printing enterprises such as books and magazines are often not DIN format. The general advantages of the productivity of double-sided printing with one-time paper feeding are also applicable to the situation of XXL format: there is no need for a second paper feeding, a shorter cleaning and printing preparation process, which reduces the possibility of dirt, simple production scheduling, reduces the paper table, saves space, and reduces the transmission time before post press operation. For many products, according to the possibility of format and multi page image arrangement, the number of multi page images of a larger format 8 print can be twice as large as that of a format 7b print

new performance characteristics of large format double-sided printing machine

Manroland is equipped with a large number of functions never seen in the new XXL double-sided printing machine. The maximum paper size of this 8-size XXL double-sided printer is 1310mm 1870mm, which can print more 10mm long and 20mm wide paper than the single-sided printer with the same size. Printing enterprises benefit from this: even though the double-sided printing always needs more 10mm long paper, the largest image area of the two models is the same (1290mm 1850mm), and the higher the degree of relevance

very stable, paper turnover can be controlled

all rollers on the paper turnover device are double diameter rollers, which can ensure that the paper can be very stable and stable in the case of double-sided printing. This is achieved by an air suction rod on the page storage drum to tension the pressure of the trailing edge of the paper. The standard configuration includes rolandinlineobserver online observation device. The bottom side of the reducer drives the connecting pulley. The camera is used to monitor the paper overturning process and the paper feeding between the printing units

the same paper receiving performance as the single-sided printer

the new paper receiving device on this double-sided printer is only equipped with 4 rows of paper receiving teeth to ensure the best paper guide between the last printing unit and the paper receiving stack. Together with the paper taking teeth and the fan-shaped sheet brake, the same sheet stacking quality as Manroland's famous single-sided printing machine is achieved. The free space below the printed sheet after paper conversion is very small in order to achieve absolutely non smudgy paper transfer. The position of the suction part is adjusted by the motor and can be stored on the console

slitting device reduces the machine calibration time

the optional rolandinlineslitter online slitting device slits the print sheets on the paper receiving drum from the middle of the print sheet, because it is not necessary to replace the blanket, which reduces the maintenance and machine calibration time. In this cutting process, the cutting wheel rolls on the steel belt on the drum. The paper is received and stacked into two double-sided paper stacks with a maximum size of 5b, which are suitable for post press processing operations

functions of other equipment

roland900, XXL double-sided printing machine has standard configuration and colorpilotplus color management enhanced version, which can carry out density measurement and chromaticity measurement, and can be controlled from a separate measuring table. The printing machine is also equipped with ppl version change system, which has been developed for many years. Options include: rolandinlinecolorpilot automatic ink supply and control device, which is an online color measurement and control system, which is installed on the last printing unit before paper turnover and the last printing unit of the printing machine. This double-sided printing machine is also equipped with APL automatic version change system. The specially equipped printing machine can also be installed with web cutting device

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