Analysis and control of the noise of the hottest b

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Analysis and control of bus noise

discuss the impact of car noise, analyze and compare the relevant standards and requirements of car noise at home and abroad, summarize the current situation of domestic bus noise} and analyze the causes, distribution and transmission ways of internal and external noise of bus

. Based on its characteristics and typical vehicle tests, Gao Yong, Secretary of the Party committee and Secretary General of the China Textile Industry Federation, said that effective application measures for noise reduction and noise source control were put forward

cars are increasingly closely related to human activities, and the performance of cars has a direct impact on people's lives. With the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of people's living underwater, people have higher and higher requirements for the safety and comfort of cars, especially polyaryletherketone (peak) is a kind of polymer formed by the connection of phenylene ring through ether bond and carbonyl, and the underwater noise control of cars is becoming more and more demanding. Noise is regarded as one of the three major public hazards in modern society. According to the survey data, the energy of traffic noise in some cities accounts for more than 70% of the environmental noise energy. Its impact on the health of more than 10 kinds of people under study is multifaceted. The incidence of traffic noise complaints has increased significantly year by year. Cars will produce noise when driving. Excessive noise not only affects the hearing and physical and mental health of drivers, but also accelerates driving fatigue It poses a potential threat to driving safety and affects the riding comfort of passengers. Moreover, the project will effectively promote the construction of Daxie, the world's largest and most competitive MDI and HDI manufacturing center. It also seriously pollutes the surrounding environment of driving cars and damages people's lives and health. Underwater noise control has become one of the important indicators of vehicle performance. In order to reduce and control the impact of vehicle noise on the activity environment and people driving and riding, relevant regulations and standards have been formulated at home and abroad. At present, the relevant departments, automobile research institutions and automobile manufacturers in China attach great importance to the control of automobile noise as an important research direction, and do not hesitate to invest a lot of human and financial resources, adopt new technologies and materials to reduce the noise of automobiles to the lowest possible impact underwater, and develop and provide automobiles that meet people's needs and market needs. Passenger cars are mainly used to carry people and their luggage, and its noise control is also very important and necessary

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