New packaging of Fuji camera

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Fuji camera's new packaging

Fuji camera has introduced a new color high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant porous insulation material preparation technology with the help of Lam design's experimental process, which can show the surface defects of wires; Non polluting energy-saving material manufacturing technology that replaces traditional materials and significantly reduces energy consumption; Preparation technology of oven free repair materials; New energy development and utilization related inorganic nonmetallic material preparation technology; Preparation technology of new transparent ceramics with high light transmittance; Preparation technology of low radiation coated glass and multilayer structure glass; High efficiency thermal insulation material preparation technology; Other new mechanisms of energy conservation and new energy materials preparation technology disposable camera packaging, packaging design style is bright, graphic vivid. The designer hopes to highlight the image of Fuji disposable camera through this kind of packaging, and reflect Fuji's attention to quality and reliability. The new packaging emphasizes the characteristics of the camera, so that retailers can easily get the attention of consumers. The brand logo flash adopts super large font, which is inclined and eye-catching, and can be seen from a long distance. The strong light behind the logo is easy to attract consumers, and highlights the brand logo itself. The packaging design shows the simplicity and convenience of the camera. You can see the camera itself from the transparent window, so as to understand the shape and characteristics of the camera

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