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New product development in the global packaging market

with the rapid development of packaging technology, a number of new packaging products with unique functions and diverse varieties have been developed abroad in recent years, which is refreshing and has also attracted the attention of the packaging industry

ecological packaging France Danone dairy company recently showed the public a yogurt box and cup made of lactic acid extracted from beets. The basic raw material of this ecological box (cup) is sugar beet, which is transformed into lactic acid through fermentation, and the water is extracted to form propyl ester, which is then processed into polylactide. After adding minerals, it becomes a light and solid material. The packaging box (cup) made of this material can be decomposed into farmyard fertilizer within 60 days at 55 ℃

microwave packaging the development of microwave packaging is a new trend in food packaging in Europe and the United States. German matonpack company and Swedish sprinter company produced flat disk microwave packaging. The package is made of C-PET material, with pet lining, multi-layer composite, and reinforced ribs

the food with this package can be directly baked in the microwave oven after being taken out of the refrigerator, and can withstand the high temperature of 230 ℃. As the number of households using microwave ovens in European and American countries has reached 90%, the development of microwave packaging can be used for torsion function experiments of various metallic and non-metallic materials very quickly. Pillsbury also developed a kind of baking cake packaging, which is in the shape of a flat plate, with exquisite printing and decoration, and is very popular

antibacterial packaging a Japanese chemical industry company has successfully developed an antibacterial plastic packaging container. The packaging container is widely used in food, cosmetics production, pharmaceutical industry and other fields. This kind of antibacterial plastic packaging is made of synthetic materials such as fibrotic plastic and polypropylene mixed with an antibacterial agent for food film, which can prevent the reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria, prevent the deterioration of the food, cosmetics or drugs contained, and greatly extend the shelf life

waterproof packaging Australia has developed a special packaging carton for aquatic agricultural products such as meat, fruits and vegetables using methane gas or another carbon source. This carton is covered or coated with polypropylene or polyethylene inside and outside, which can be waterproof, and no other waterproof materials are needed during packaging. The packaging carton is suitable for agricultural products that need to be frozen or refrigerated, so that they can always maintain a certain amount of moisture in the sales process to prevent damage due to freezing or moisture. In addition, the carton is strong and durable, and can withstand long-distance transportation and repeated loading and unloading. After printing various patterns and trademarks on it, it can also be used for the packaging of export goods

heat resistant packaging a Japanese plastic company recently developed a new type of heat-resistant plastic packaging material for packaging fast food. In addition to good processing performance and no toxicity, the main feature of this packaging material is heat resistance, and its deformation temperature is as high as 280 ℃. When the instant noodles are filled with this material and washed into boiling water, the packaging box will not deform and can completely maintain the flavor of fast food

heat shrinkable packaging this kind of heat shrinkable packaging, which is popular abroad, uses a kind of plastic film with heat shrinkable performance as the packaging material. After the items are wrapped, they are quickly put into a heating device to heat to a certain temperature, and the packaging film shrinks by itself in a certain proportion to tightly wrap the packed items. The heat shrinkable film is generally very thin, driven by the oil cylinder, with good transparency, so you can directly observe the package. Heat shrinkable packaging has a wide range of uses, which can be used for food, industrial products and other commodities, and can also be used for packaging multiple commodities. The package has the advantages of convenient transportation, transparency, good capacity, good appearance, firm package, reducing package volume, keeping clean, etc

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