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A new processing method of UHMWPE blown film

by combining compression molding and blown film extrusion, a new processing method uses UHMWPE (ultra high relative molecular weight polyethylene) without 4.5.3 tensile strength plasticity to produce thin biaxial tensile blown film. Mitsui Petrochemical Company of Japan introduced this new processing method at the SPE Antec conference in 2005. The machine used in the film blowing process is made by Tomi machinery manufacturing company in Japan. The resin powder in the hot barrel is tightly compressed by a single screw extruder with shallow thread, groove mechanism and screw length diameter ratio of more than 30:1 until the powder particle interface disappears, and then the hot viscoelastic solid material enters a rotating right angle head with a single thread at the bottom, so that the melt passes over a rotating core mold heater to form a tube, which overcomes many shortcomings in extrusion, The tubular melt can be blown into a rupture free film

. When UHMWPE is blown with this equipment, its maximum load drawing ratio is 6:1 ~ 30:1, the blowing ratio is 6:1 ~ 10:1, and the blown film thickness is 5 ~ 140 μ m。 UHMWPE's good tensile strength and wear resistance make it applicable to the inner layer of industrial film and the covering layer of hydraulic water pipes. Up to now, UHMWPE film can calculate the value of work consumed in punching samples according to the above formula. It is prepared by cutting into a kind of compression molding block. This method is slow and expensive, and the thickness of the film cannot be less than 50 μ m。 This new continuous processing method has high output and can produce 1.5 m flat folded film on the test line at a speed of more than 100 pounds/h (37.32 kg/h, the details of installing the universal tensile testing machine). The film performance is better than that prepared by the traditional method

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