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Rainbow Group: 32 photovoltaic glass production lines will be built.

Zhang Weichuan, deputy chief engineer of rainbow group and Minister of strategic planning department, said on January 19 that in the late period of the 12th Five Year Plan, rainbow group will build 32 photovoltaic glass production lines and become one of the largest manufacturers in China. Zhangshaowen, deputy general manager of the group, said that emerging industries, including optoelectronics, have now occupied an important position in the income structure of rainbow group. In 2010, Rainbow Group expects emerging industries to contribute 80% of net profits

it plans to build another 10 photovoltaic glass lines

building photovoltaic glass production lines is just one of the many innovative measures of this old central enterprise. A few years ago, the largest color tube manufacturer in China fell into a loss situation due to the color TV flat-panel revolution, forcing them to find a new way out. Zhang Shaowen said that rainbow will succeed in the three main industries of display devices, optoelectronics and component materials

at present, rainbow group has built and is building 22 photovoltaic glass production lines, of which 8 are in production, and has invested and built 14 photovoltaic glass production lines in Xianyang and Hefei. Zhang Weichuan revealed that in the next three to five years, rainbow plans to build another 10 production lines. At that time, the production capacity of the company's photovoltaic glass will rank first and second in the country except for a series of problems caused by components. He said that if the domestic sun needs to pay attention to the manipulation of specifications to maintain the release speed of battery capacity in 2011, rainbow also needs to increase its production expansion plan

in the field of optoelectronics, rainbow group also entered the production of LED chips through the acquisition of Shanghai Blu ray technology. Rainbow plans to build 200 MOCVD (more than 45 PCS) and supporting chip production lines in two phases in three years, forming an annual production capacity of 10.2 million LED epitaxial chips and 200 billion LED chips, so as to build the largest LED chip production base in China

in addition, in terms of OLED, the first generation 4.5 AM-OLED production line project in China invested and built by rainbow has officially started construction, and two generation 4.5 AM-OLED production lines will be built by stages

LCD glass sales are expected to increase

however, the most concerned market is the rainbow group's LCD glass production line plan. In 2010, rainbow shares (600707) raised 3.5 billion yuan through private placement, and jointly built six five generation LCD glass production lines in Xianyang and Zhangjiagang. By January 16th, 2011, the LCD glass production lines in Caihong Zhangjiagang and Xianyang had been put into trial production

Zhang Shaowen said that rainbow has built six fifth generation liquid crystal glass panel production lines, and six liquid crystal glass production lines are under construction, including four sixth generation liquid crystal glass production lines. "After all the 12 production lines are completed, they will be able to meet the supporting needs of more than 40% of the domestic panel lines of the same generation."

it was revealed that due to capacity constraints, rainbow LCD glass failed to form large-scale sales in 2010. "However, with the yield rate rising to more than 70%, the scale of production capacity is gradually expanded, and sales are expected to increase in 2011." Zhang Shaowen said that marketing is also one of the two priorities of rainbow group in 2011

in order to accelerate the strategic transformation of enterprises and promote the transformation of development mode, rainbow group will also strengthen capital operation. Liuyanwu, head of the capital operation Department of rainbow group, revealed that during the "12th Five Year Plan", rainbow group will accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions and carry out related diversified mergers and acquisitions in the industrial chain of the three main industries of optoelectronics, display devices and materials

the sources of funds for mergers and acquisitions and industrial integration will be diversified. In addition to the company's self financing, rainbow group plans to use various financial products to raise funds under the guidance of many policies, including the issuance of additional shares

in addition, rainbow group will also diversify the equity structure of its subordinate enterprises by introducing strategic partners, employee stock ownership and trade union stock ownership

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