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"Rainbow on earth" difficult, "rainbow in the sky" easy? Sichuan Changhong wants to build UAVs

original title: is it difficult for "Changhong on earth" and easy for "rainbow in the sky"? Sichuan Changhong wants to build a UAV "rainbow in the sky, rainbow on earth" - this was the original title of home appliances

"rainbow in the sky, rainbow on earth" - this was once a well-known slogan of Sichuan Changhong (600839, SH), a leading household appliance enterprise

nowadays, the household appliance industry as a whole presents the background of slowing growth in scale and upgrading consumption. It is not easy to achieve "eternal rainbow on earth" only by household appliances

the daily economy noted that the announcement on October 23 in the emerging new fields of electronic information, biomedicine, energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and intelligent transportation showed that Sichuan Changhong hopes to draw a "rainbow in the sky" through the research and development of UAVs

add "drones" to the business scope

Sichuan Changhong announcement shows that the company held the 19th meeting of the 10th board of directors on October 22, at which the proposal on increasing the business scope of the company was reviewed and approved. The content of the proposal shows that according to the needs of the company's business development, it is agreed that the company will increase the business of "UAV, UAV system research and development and design, UAV technology promotion, UAV technology transfer, UAV technology consulting, UAV technology services, UAV production and sales" in its business scope

the daily economy also notes that in recent years, the household appliance industry has generally shown the characteristics of slowing growth in scale and upgrading of consumption structure. In this case, many enterprises in the industry have to promote the implementation of "counter cyclical" business measures, such as increasing investment in technological innovation, increasing investment in advanced manufacturing, and seeking more profit points

Sichuan Changhong also proposed to promote industrial transformation and reform. According to the plan of Sichuan Changhong, it promotes the implementation of the strategic plan from two dimensions. The first is to provide intelligent products and services, and the second is to build a service-oriented manufacturing capability system based on end cloud integration. By 2020, Sichuan Changhong will strive to achieve a comprehensive leading position in its major industries, achieve a strategic breakthrough in transformation and upgrading, build a model enterprise with deep integration of military and civilian industries, and become a large multinational enterprise group with international competitiveness and influence

Sichuan Changhong has been very "diversified" in business. At present, Sichuan Changhong has several main categories: smart home appliance business represented by color TVs, refrigerators (cabinets), air conditioners, washing machines, etc; It digital business represented by it distribution, information security, enterprise information integrated solution provision, etc; Parts and materials business represented by refrigerator compressors, home appliance spare parts, etc; New energy businesses represented by power and energy storage batteries

it has been quietly laid out before

whether Sichuan Changhong has reserved relevant technologies for UAV business is still unknown to the outside world

on the Internet, Sichuan Changhong and UAV are used as keyword search, and there is almost no common between them. After several searches, I found some information in a "Internal Journal" of Changhong

Changhong enterprise culture interaction platform published an article entitled "Changhong lingfalcon | not only cool, but also comprehensive". The article points out that the second national advanced training course on police unmanned aerial vehicles, sponsored by the China low altitude safety research center of the people's Public Security University of China and co organized by Changhong multimedia company (a company under Sichuan Changhong), has opened

according to the article, Changhong participated in Tactical Teaching and discussion, and provided the seminar with jointly developed UAV, high-definition display splicing large screen of command center and other equipment. At the same time, Changhong multimedia company, led by the manufacturing and supply chain management center, integrates the injection machines of Sichuan Changhong unit: clamping force 70t screw diameter Φ 35mm screw speed 80rpm forming conditions: maximum injection pressure 178mpa barrel temperature 230 (225 (2) 30 (2) 20 (2) 10) ℃ 240 (235 (2) 40 (2) 30 (2) 20) ℃ 250 (245 (2) 50 (2) 40 (2) 30) ℃ 260 (225 (2) 60 (2) 50 (2) 40) ℃ injection speed 57cm3/s injection time 0.44 ~ 0.52s pressure maintaining time 6.0s cooling time 15.0s resources, and accelerate the promotion and application of "Changhong lingfalcon VTOL fixed wing security drone" in the police

but no more information about this UAV can be found

however, there is doubt whether Sichuan Changhong can do a good job in the new business of UAV

an insider of Sichuan Changhong told the daily economy that the technology industry is specialized, and "drones" have been involved in many enterprises, but not many have done well, and the competition is also great. In its view, what all walks of life do well is basically a single product in operation. Energy, money and publicity are all aligned in one direction, accurately targeting consumer groups. But at the same time, it also pointed out that the senior management of the company may have followed the technical personnel of the company in detail to learn how to install and operate a concrete pressure testing machine. As an employee, it must be resolutely implemented

daily economic consideration of compatibility and comprehensive performance

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