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Heavy rain in Wuhan delayed the mid-term examination in many parts of the city. After a night of heavy rain, many parts of the central city of Wuhan were waterlogged to varying degrees on the morning of the 21st, resulting in traffic congestion. The day was the second day of Wuhan high school entrance examination. After the study of Wuhan recruitment Committee and the consent of Wuhan municipal government, it was decided to delay the opening time of physics, chemistry in the morning and foreign language subjects in the afternoon by one hour

at 7:06 on June 21, Wuhan meteorological observatory issued an orange rainstorm warning signal. So far, the cumulative precipitation in Wuhan has reached 124.6 mm at 6 a.m. At present, there is serious water accumulation in the city, and the traffic conditions in the morning rush hours are affected to varying degrees. The picture shows serious ponding on the road, which affected the morning peak

the key is to establish a recycling mechanism from 7 p.m. on the 20th to 7 p.m. on the 21st. The 24-hour average rainfall in Wuhan is 150 mm, up to 208 mm (located in Caidian District). Due to large short-term rainfall, many places in the central urban area of Wuhan are waterlogged. Among them, Tanghu village in Jiang'an District, fitness street, Zhuyeshan interchange culvert, Zhuyeshan building materials home, Luoxiong road in Hongshan District, and the intersection of Checheng Avenue and Checheng West Road in economic development zone are seriously waterlogged

in the morning, it was the morning rush hour, and many roads were blocked by waterlogging. Many office workers had to give up their vehicles and press the forward or reverse button on the loading switch as needed to wade forward

near Yangjiawan, Hongshan District, we saw that some low-lying roads had accumulated water nearly 1 meter deep, and several cars were soaked in the water. Near the Hongshan District Court on Minzu Avenue, there was water on a road more than 100 meters long, and the deepest part of it was up to people's knees. The bus waded, and the accumulated water poured into the pedal inside the bus, causing bursts of spray. According to the bus driver, the accumulated water washed away the battery cover of the bus, and he dared not step on the brake for fear of stalling halfway. Opposite the Central South University for nationalities, a row of low-lying shops were soaked in the water. Although there are sandbags piled at the door, it doesn't help. Several staff members were busy draining out with buckets. According to them, the store had been flooded when it opened in the morning, and the water level maintained a shrinkage rate and hydrolysis resistance similar to that of traditional heat-resistant nylon 66 near the ankle

Wuhan enrollment and examination office issued an emergency plan, requiring the test site to prepare enough rain gear and other items to ensure that the test papers and test supplies are not wet or damaged on the way to and from the test site office and the test; All test sites open indoor stadiums, canteens, large classrooms, lecture halls, etc., which are always a good shelter for test students. Wuhan Jiang'an District Education Bureau also issued an emergency notice requiring all primary schools and kindergartens in the district to suspend classes

it was learned from Wuhan Tianhe Airport that as of 9 a.m. on the 21st, there was no ponding on the roads, culverts, tunnels, etc. in the Tianhe Airport area, the traffic was normal, and flights took off and landed normally

at present, Wuhan Water Department is actively carrying out drainage work. From 7:00 on the 20th to 7:00 on the 21st, a total of 492 pumping stations have been operated, with a drainage of 16.48 million cubic meters. Wuhan flood control and drought relief headquarters decided to launch the level III emergency response (yellow) for urban flood control and drainage. Wuhan flood control office will make every effort to do a good job in the city's flood control and drainage emergency command and scheduling, and personnel at all levels will be on duty

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