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Rainbow precision has made clear its own development positioning and transformed its photovoltaic operation. At present, the company is one of the largest aerosol manufacturing enterprises in China. At present, the company is one of the largest aerosol manufacturing enterprises in China. Its main business includes aerosol and recycled materials. Among them, aerosol mainly covers three fields: environmental protection functional coatings and accessories, environmental protection and energy-saving automotive beauty care products and green environmental protection household products. The company has made clear the positioning of its own development. In the future, it will carry out concentric diversification and sustainable operation in the three fields of environmental protection, energy conservation and new materials

enter the photovoltaic business and boost performance growth

the rest is lithium manganate

the company has conducted in-depth cooperation with high-quality partners such as BYD and industrial solar, with high bank credit lines and sufficient funds to support GW level projects. At the same time, the company's team is stable and has valuable experience in the photovoltaic industry. We predict that the annual newly increased installed capacity of photovoltaic operation of the company in will be 150MW, 350MW and 500MW respectively, and the total net profit will be 11 million yuan, 81 million yuan and 220 million yuan respectively, and the thickened EPS will be 0.03 and 0 respectively. First of all, the circuit should be disconnected in time 26 and 0.70 yuan

the aerosol market has a large capacity, and the company's production capacity is gradually released.

the aerosol industry has grown steadily in recent years, with a broad market space. At present, aerosols in China are mainly concentrated in three categories: pesticides, automotive care products and paint decoration, of which pesticides account for the highest proportion, accounting for about 25%, and personal and household products account for less than 20%, while the main market of aerosols in developed countries is concentrated in individuals and families. At present, the company has an annual output of 45million cans of aerosol per year. By the middle of 2015, the company's annual output of 60million cans of aerosol paint project and the annual output of 50million cans of green household, automotive and industrial environmental protection aerosol products project are expected to be put into operation. At that time, the total production capacity of the company will increase to 1. The performance of tires cannot be guaranteed and other problems will be 55million cans/year, and the production capacity will increase by more than twice, which will effectively consolidate the current leading position of the company

profit forecast and Valuation: we expect the company's annual EPS to be 0.22 yuan, 0.55 yuan and 1.04 yuan respectively, with a "buy" rating for the first time

risk tip: the risk that the progress of photovoltaic business is lower than expected; The risk of intensifying competition in the company's main business

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