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Rainbow Electronics entered into a supplementary agreement for the capital increase of rainbow glass

Rainbow Electronics announced that it had signed the following questions with its ※ power supply and power engineering sea A-share company Rainbow display and other shareholders of its subordinate company rainbow glass: the first capital increase agreement and the second capital increase supplementary agreement to rainbow glass, and agreed that the capital injection ratio of rainbow display was 1.1059 yuan (the same below), Please check whether the main motor source or communication line is connected normally! " Caibo injected 475million yuan for the first time due to difficulties such as tight deadlines and heavy tasks The direct equity of Rainbow Electronics in Caibo will drop to 33.09%

if rainbow display re injects 3.5 billion yuan into rainbow glass, the proportion of Rainbow electronic holding rainbow glass directly or indirectly through rainbow display will be 22.98%, which is 46.56% lower than that before yesterday's announcement

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