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The continuous technological upgrading of raw materials is an opportunity for the textile industry to turn around.

in the past, in the process of the transformation of the textile industry from a planned economic system to a market economic system, deep-seated contradictions were gradually exposed, and years of repeated construction resulted in serious excess of textile production capacity, excessive redundancy, and product pressure, which plunged the whole industry into a deep dilemma. The development process of the textile industry is doomed to be arduous, and the process of reform is full of hardships and twists

after adjustment and recovery, China's textile industry has developed rapidly in the 21st century, and people's living standards have been greatly improved. After joining the WTO, the mainstream of free trade will integrate aesthetics and more powerful functions. The open Chinese market and cheap and good Chinese products strongly attract foreign buyers and consumers. Driven by domestic demand and exports, China's textile industry has successfully seized this opportunity

the market spear increases the stretching space (it can be increased to more than 210 meters), which promotes the upgrading of raw materials

however, opportunities and crises coexist. Low-cost textiles have been gradually eliminated by the market, and the market is the ultimate commander. After the ingot pressing adjustment, the main force of investment in the textile industry has shifted to the market "1025" In this period, we have good prospects according to the physical and chemical properties, functional structure characteristics and future development trend of materials, high added value of products, which is conducive to product structure adjustment, independent innovation and product development ability of enterprises

after several years of adjustment of the product structure of the textile industry, it is found that the core fiber technology can effectively improve the functionality and added value of products. Throughout the development process of the textile industry, the only breakthrough in the essence of fiber is bacteria purification technology

bacteria purification technology is indisputable for the textile industry to go out of the way of life.

it is indisputable that the textile bacteria purification technology of medical choice enterprises not only paves the way for the future development trend of the textile industry. In such cases, bacteria purification technology is the best breakthrough for the current development limitations of the textile industry, the transformation of textiles from low-cost types to high added value, and the gorgeous turning point of the textile industry

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