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Rainbow Group achieved its first month profit after reform and reorganization

a few days ago, China Electronic rainbow group received good news. In the past August, the reformed Rainbow Group achieved its first month profit, reversing its six-year continuous loss situation at one stroke, and the development of the enterprise has entered a space for growth

rainbow group was once the largest color picture tube manufacturer in China. In the 21st century, following the overall decline of traditional industries and the rapid rise of flat panel display industry, rainbow group began to enter the LCD glass substrate industry. However, due to technology, market, investment and other reasons, the new business did not bring the expected transformation and upgrading to rainbow group. On the contrary, the development of rainbow has encountered unprecedented challenges. Since 2011, the enterprise has suffered continuous losses

on December 31, 2012, with the approval of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, rainbow group was integrated into China Electronics as a whole, becoming a secondary subsidiary of China Electronics

after a series of drastic reforms and restructuring of enterprises, industries, personnel, capital structure optimization and adjustment, in 2014, with the approval of the national development and Reform Commission, Caihong built the National Engineering Laboratory of flat panel display glass technology. Relying on this project, Caihong has built a pilot test line, two sub centers, three research and development platforms, and six achievement transformation and application bases, forming a complete innovation chain from simulation, key experiments to large-scale production, and successively developing the serialization formula of flat panel display glass and intelligent equipment and technology. On August 10, at the innovative achievements conference of the National Engineering Laboratory of China Electronics rainbow flat 2, low temperature materials and cold proof equipment display glass technology, rainbow overflow high aluminum cover glass, 8, independently developed by rainbow, was held in Beijing. The successful launch of generation 5 LCD glass substrate products has achieved the international advanced level and achieved large-scale production, breaking the international monopoly and filling the domestic gap at one stroke, which is of great significance to ensure the strategic safety of China's flat panel display industry

in order to obtain national industrial support, China Electronics Rainbow Group has launched 8 projects based on large projects. 6th generation LCD panel, 8. 5. Key projects such as liquid crystal glass substrate and photovoltaic. Among them, 8 are located in Xianyang. The 6th generation LCD panel project will invest 120K glass substrate in one month, covering the whole process of array, color film, cartoning, real installation, etc. The 6th generation LCD panel production line is currently being accelerated according to the big schedule plan, and it is expected to be completed and put into operation in the first quarter of 2018; The LCD glass substrate project takes the National Engineering Laboratory of rainbow flat panel display technology as the research and development platform, and plans to build a number of 8. The 5th and 6th generation express lines and four 6th generation cover glass production lines break the international monopoly and realize independent control; The photovoltaic project plans to build an annual output of 300000 tons of quartz sand. The friction between moving parts will cause energy loss and reduce fuel efficiency. A number of 850 tons of photovoltaic glass production lines will be built in Yan'an, Hefei and other places, and 800MW photovoltaic power stations will be built in many provinces and cities, so as to further create the advantages of the whole industrial chain, expand the scale of production of gb/t12160 (2) 002 "provisions on extension meters for uniaxial experiments", and accelerate transformation and upgrading

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under the internal economic cycle, in mid April 2021, in this case, China · Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is pursuing [details]

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