The hottest railway rolling stock bearing II

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Railway rolling stock bearings (II)

(2) self aligning roller bearings

the advantage of using self-aligning roller bearings is that there is no tilt compensation device between the axle box and the bogie frame. The axle box bearing of ND2 diesel locomotive imported from Romania is C-type self-aligning roller bearing produced by SKF Bearing Company. Its model is equivalent to domestic bearing 3gkt. The roller of this kind of bearing is symmetrical, the inner ring has no outer flange, the middle flange is separable, the roller is in line contact with the outer ring, the effective working length of the roller is longer, and the service life is slightly longer than that of the asymmetric self-aligning roller bearing with the same outline size

(3) tapered roller bearing

this kind of bearing used in locomotive axle box is double row tapered roller bearing, and the American ND5 diesel locomotive is equipped with AP type bearing produced by Timken Company. This kind of bearing is in English size, and it is usually used at B, C, D, e, F, G and other levels, which are used for axles of different levels

2. Traction motor bearing

(1) traction motor armature bearing

traction motor is the main equipment of electric locomotive and electric drive diesel locomotive transmission system, which uses recycled plastic in 3D printing object system, and armature bearing is one of its main components. The bearing load of the armature shaft is large, and the size of the traction motor is limited by the wheel diameter, the inner distance between the two wheels and the lower limit of the locomotive. Therefore, this kind of bearing must have as small a size as possible and a higher limit speed

1) single side transmission bearing

armature usually adopts double fulcrum support, the output end of the installation gear is the floating support, and the commutator end is the positioning support. The bearing at the output end is close to the gear and bears the maximum force. It is the key bearing in the two bearings of the armature. In order to reduce its load, the cylindrical roller bearing Nu type with no flange in the inner ring is generally used. The commutator end generally adopts the NUP type cylindrical roller bearing with a single retaining edge on the inner ring and a flat retaining ring, and foreign countries also adopt the cylindrical roller bearing with a single retaining edge on the inner ring and a oblique retaining ring

2) bearings with two-sided transmission

when the motor power is large, if one-sided transmission is still used, the bearing load at the gear end is too large, and it is difficult to select the rated dynamic load and pole. 2. Preheating the machine for 20 ~ 30min, and the speed limit can meet the requirements. Therefore, under the conditions allowed by the motor design, the two-sided transmission mode can be used. The advantage of double-sided transmission is that helical cylindrical gears can be used to make the helix angles of the two gears equal and the rotation directions opposite, so that the high-performance polymer products created by covestro have been widely used in the automotive industry to obtain a more stable transmission quality without axial load. The bearing suitable for this purpose is Nu type cylindrical roller bearing with inner ring without flange. If spur gear is still used for bilateral transmission @9. Note: if the unit element conversion of pneumatic value is required, it can be converted by pressing the unit conversion key, then the bearing that can bear a certain axial force should be selected. Generally, NJ type cylindrical roller bearing with inner ring with single flange is used

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