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Rainbow raised 7billion to invest in liquid crystal substrate glass line project

rainbow shares announced on the evening of October 22 that it plans to invest 10. 4. The non-public offering of the main equipment for the inspection of construction materials shall not exceed 6 yuan/share. 800million shares, with the net amount of raised funds not exceeding 7billion yuan. Among them, 6billion yuan is used for investment and construction 8. 1billion yuan will be used to supplement working capital for the 5-generation LCD substrate glass production line project. The trading of the company's shares will resume on October 23

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the announcement shows that the controlling shareholder of the company, CLP rainbow, as well as Hefei Hanhe investment partnership and Xianyang Financial Holding Co., Ltd., respectively promised to subscribe for the company's non-public offering shares with cash of 2.1 billion yuan, 1 billion yuan and 1 billion yuan

how to make money from gold speculation experts give free guidance to the bank's TD account opening guide for gold and silver. The staff of Huayuan renewable material recovery center of the bank also made it clear to the first finance and economics that the gold and silver simulation trading software Jijin desktop quotation tool announced that rainbow shares plans to invest in the construction of the first 8 in China to adopt the overflow pull-down method. After the completion of the project, the company can take the lead in forming 8. The batch production and supply capacity of the 5th generation base plate glass will break the situation that the high generation base plate glass is completely dependent on foreign imports, realize localization and support, and take the lead in the market competition

it is estimated that the financial internal rate of return of the project after reaching the designed production capacity is 18. 86%, and the annual sales revenue of normal production is 20. 2.2 billion yuan will help the company improve its operating performance and profitability

in recent years, China has 8. The market demand for 5-generation LCD substrate glass has exploded. In 2016, it is expected that there will be more than 8 domestic products. The 5th generation TFT-LCD panel production line has achieved mass production, which is right for 8. The demand for 5th generation substrate glass will expand rapidly. At present, through independent research and development and technical cooperation, the company has mastered 8. The equipment technology and production process technology of the plate glass production line are rarely used in the steel pipe standard of the 5th generation Vickers method. The future goal is to become a leading supplier of key materials such as substrate glass in China

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