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Continuous improvement method of corrugated box production quality management (3)

benchmarking method

benchmarking method is the best way for enterprises to go out and find the best way to improve the quality level of enterprises, and creatively apply this method to the quality improvement of the enterprise. The essence of benchmarking is to compare, improve and improve the current quality management methods of enterprises with the best management methods

The implementation process of the benchmarking method includes the following steps:

(1) identify the key processes that need to be improved. For example, when the packaging manufacturer factory a produces cartons, the key to be improved is the corrugated production process

(2) find a company that does the best in this process, that is, setting the benchmark. It should be the best manufacturer in foreign countries, and it is not required that the manufacturer belongs to the same industry. For example, factory a, a packaging manufacturer, is looking for the best manufacturer of corrugated production

(3) then contact the benchmarking enterprise, and conduct private exchanges with the company's management and production personnel to obtain true and comprehensive data

(4) analyze the survey results and write a survey report

(5) implement the improvement of key processes in the enterprise. In order to narrow the gap with benchmarking enterprises, or catch up with the level of benchmarking enterprises, surpassing benchmarking enterprises is the best result

5w2h method

this 1. Experimental pressure: it is the most important factor affecting the core configuration of the hydraulic testing machine; Methods through questioning the key elements of current production, find out what the problem is, so as to help solve the quality problem when the current density is 0.1a/g. O 5w2h means what the enterprise is going to do (what), why (why), where (when), when (who), who (who), how (how), and how much (howmuch)

brainstorming method

this method can produce some good quality improvement methods. Under the premise of no restrictions, quality management members freely think about quality problems, and then express their views on quality problems, so as to find the causes of problems, find solutions and implementation plans. The key of brainstorming method is that every participant is equal, and every participant should be allowed to express their views as freely as possible. No matter what quality views the participants express, they should not be criticized

in depth interview depth

interview is a manufacturer's special interview with some relevant personnel on a quality problem, in order to determine the cause of the quality problem and find a solution. If it is an internal problem of the manufacturer, you can visit internal employees; If it is an external problem, visit the external personnel related to it

quality group the quality group is composed of a certain number of employees, and the group members regularly discuss the improvement of product and process quality. The disadvantage of the quality team is that it has less authority and can only make small improvements. If the quality team is incorporated into a formal organization, its motivation for quality improvement will increase

in addition, since user satisfaction is the ultimate goal of quality improvement, marketing managers must participate in the total quality management strategy, and the participation of marketing personnel is the key to quality improvement

in a word, quality improvement is a continuous and endless process and an important part of enterprise management. Although the tools and skills of quality improvement may be relatively simple, the key is circular improvement. Every time a quality improvement cycle is passed, the quality will be improved one step. Therefore, the quality of the manufacturer will be gradually improved in the process of the cycle to meet the customer's goals and requirements. Packaging manufacturers should take advantage of the continuous improvement of quality to improve the quality to a higher level, so that enterprises can obtain better benefits, such as: equipment operation status, program control operation steps, whether the extension meter is switched or not


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