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Rain and Huawei released Africa's first 5g independent group commercial network

[Johannesburg, South Africa, July 19, 2020] today, rain, South Africa's leading mobile data network operator, announced the release of Africa's first 5g independent group (hereinafter referred to as 5g SA) commercial network

thanks to the end-to-end solution provided by Huawei, rain's 5g SA network has rapidly covered Cape Town sea point, Claremont, Goodwood, Bellville, Durbanville, Cape Town City Centre and other areas. Based on this network, rai Jinmin has successfully won orders from hundreds of customers. The fixed wireless broadband access (FWA) service experience provided to consumers will be significantly improved, reaching the world's leading level. At the same time, it will also provide a solid digital base for the next wave of 5g applications in South Africa

continue to improve 5g user experience

rain is the first commercial 5g network Telecom Operator in Africa, with 5g FWA user specifications of the world's top 3. In the fourth quarter, the U.S. blow molding machine and thermoforming machine market also showed mixed patterns. Since the release of 5g network in November 2019, rain has always been aiming to create the best user experience and has continued to cultivate 5g network. At present, rain has the largest 5g spectrum and sites in South Africa, providing users with the widest 5g network coverage and the best 5g business experience

5g SA network will further improve the performance of 5g network, including shorter service delay, higher uplink rate and network reliability. Users can experience more extreme and smooth high-end cloud VR, cloud game services, more and richer enterprise services and more attractive wireless home broadband services. Rain CMO khaya dlanga said

in 2016, the total foreign investment of China's chemical industry reached 88billion yuan, enabling thousands of industries to promote the development of digital society

rain actively promoted the digital transformation of South Africa's society. The release of 5g SA network prepared for the business innovation of thousands of industries in South Africa, enabling SA 4ir (4th industry revolution) to promote to a digital society

5g SA can improve the uplink, enabling thousands of applications. Nowadays, education, which has seen a sharp increase in usage during the home order, and video conferencing, which is necessary for telecommuting, can get the best support. In addition, a large number of enterprise services that need uplink bandwidth protection, such as dedicated line services, will also go further

5g SA network can better meet the needs of vertical industry differentiation, and it is a high-speed engine that enables the digital transformation of thousands of industries. After the introduction of edge computing MEC, it can meet the needs of the industry for ultra-low delay business experience; At the same time, it can provide differentiated services to support future network slices, and the virtual specialized SLA of various businesses in various industries can meet the needs of differentiated services from high-speed mobile autopilot to static forest fire prevention sensors, and evolve into a multi-functional network

the fully integrated core and massive MIMO provided by Huawei support the construction of 5g SA network

rain 5g SA network adopts Huawei's fully integrated core solution scheme and massive MIMO technology. This technical scheme provides a good foundation for supporting 5g large bandwidth, low delay and subsequent multi slice and other rich application scenarios, while ensuring the needs of end users for large bandwidth services, such as ar/vr, 4K video, Cloud games, etc

5g SA network will build the design department of all customers on rain's own site to greatly improve the user experience. It will greatly improve the uplink network rate of users and provide a good foundation for differentiated network services for enterprises. In the future, it can be widely used in smart medical treatment, smart port, smart mine, smart factory, smart agriculture and other fields to promote South Africa to move forward into a digital society. Rain CMO khaya dlanga said: we cooperate with Huawei. The current 5g network now covers the main urban area of Cape Town, and Huawei is a reliable strategic partner, We will continue to work with Huawei to complete the 5g network upgrade in Johannesburg during the year and continue to build the best and leading 5g network in South Africa

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