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Manya brand has been making good use of products and high-quality solutions since its inception, and has been firmly at the forefront of the development of the industry. Manya, continue to speak with "quality"

3.15 - new consumption, I decide

new consumption, I decide

this is the theme of the 2019 consumer rights year

from it, we can see that

consumers have hesitated about the new consumption concept for the past few years, and

has gradually moved towards recognition and support

The theme of also reflects that consumers always have a beautiful call for the rapidly changing consumption environment

In recent years,

smart home industry,

as a rapidly developing emerging sunrise industry,

has attracted more and more attention,

has also been favored and recognized by more and more consumers,

and Manya brand,

has been making good use of products and high-quality solutions since its inception, and

is firmly at the forefront of industry development

as a smart home solution provider with excellent reputation in the industry,

this 3.15,


Manya continues to speak with "quality"

good quality, I speak for myself

Manya straight board intelligent lock I200

home high setting design is extremely simple and classic,

inspiration masterpiece of European industrial design masters,

this heavy product launched by

Manya in early 2019,

redefines "one grip open",

attracts people's surprise,

instant recognition, one touch open,

smooth feeling, beyond imagination

Manya intelligent push-pull lock P8

good quality and user preferences,

is the best shortcut to screen high-quality products,

Manya intelligent push-pull lock P8,

make good use of quality to verify high-quality products

since the launch of the product,

with its excellent appearance and performance,

stands out among similar products,

always stands gracefully in the market,

always calmly welcomes the eyes of all consumers

Manya face recognition lock F50

operated by international top designers,

European luxury retro style design,

customized for villas,

imported chips and 3D face recognition technology,

Perfect blessing,

public praise, choice of taste,

at first sight, I'm attracted

Manya tmall flagship store,

"tmall home decoration Festival" is in full swing,

quality feast, huge benefit carnival,

half price discount, limited grabbing

activity time: March 16 ~ March 24





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