The overall kitchen improves the quality of life

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The overall kitchen improves the quality of life

to understand the life happiness index of a family, look at their kitchen first, and then their bedroom. Therefore, modern urban women will send humorous text messages to their husbands who are busy working overtime, saying: I am in the pot, and the rice is in bed. The kitchen is the heart of the house. Although it occupies a small area in the house, it is a room with concentrated housework and multiple functions. It is the main service space of the house. A modern family cannot live without a modern kitchen. As a result, the integrated kitchen, as a fashion home, has gradually entered the consumer's home, becoming a trend and direction

create a new four modernizations movement of elegant kitchen

many people think that the whole kitchen is a whole cabinet plus household appliances, but in fact it is not. In fact, "integrated kitchen" does not refer to a commodity, nor just a simple combination of a series of kitchenware, but a complete set of service system including design, material selection, construction and after-sales service. Experts from B & Q decoration Center pointed out that the overall kitchen is no longer just a concept, and the characteristics of humanization, personalization, environmental protection and specialization have become the focus of consumers' attention at present, and have also become the mainstream of the development of the overall kitchen

the first is the embodiment of humanization. The height of cabinets and bottom cabinets can be adjusted at will to fully ensure the convenience of people of different heights when operating. Most hanging cabinets adopt the upward door design to ensure convenient retrieval, which is in line with the pattern of rapid circulation and consumption of goods in modern family structure. The appropriate width of the table not only effectively organizes the accessories such as the stove, sink and hanger, but also ensures the balance of the appearance. The second is the embodiment of personalization. Different colors, textures and lines, as well as cabinet door panels of different materials have created different artistic effects for beautifying the kitchen space. It is understood that at present, the materials used for cabinet door panels generally include fire-resistant board, ice flower board, solid wood, PVC molding, etc. these materials have their own advantages, meet the personalized needs of different consumers, and reflect the modern family interest and cultural awareness

from B & Q decoration Center, the leading home decoration giant in Europe, it is believed that green, safe, pollution-free and pollution-free to human body and environment have undoubtedly become the leading design concept of the current world's overall kitchen. The decoration design and application of the overall kitchen should start from the perspective of environmental protection, try to avoid the use of materials harmful to the environment or materials that are not easy to recycle and reuse, and reduce waste emissions to reduce or even eliminate the negative impact of the kitchen on the environment

the specialization of the overall kitchen is fully reflected in the main functions of the kitchen. The main functions of the kitchen are: food storage and catering, cleaning, cooking and processing, as well as tableware disinfection and storage. Correspondingly, it should be divided into storage area, catering area, cooking area, etc. In addition, gas meters and gas water heaters are often an integral part of Chenwei kitchen. Therefore, the function of the overall kitchen is complex. It collects water, fire and electricity in one room. To make scientific and rational use of kitchen space, professional design is very important





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