How to create an atmospheric modern American style

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Now home styles emerge in endlessly, and many consumers are in a state of confusion in style selection. Too much understanding of home styles will lead to this situation

home styles are emerging one after another, and many consumers are in a state of confusion in style selection. Too much understanding of home styles will lead to this situation. But most people will choose their favorite style when they know it. For example, the modern American style is popular with consumers, and its bold and straightforward beauty also brings you a taste of the beauty of foreign countries. So how to create an atmospheric modern American style

the porch has a strong sense of structure, mainly with simple wooden storage. The clothes hook behind the door, the shoe changing stool, the porch cabinet, or the customized storage room all complement each other, and cooperate with the storage of the corridor, which is particularly simple and simple

as a hospitality area, the living room is generally as simple and lively as the porch, and is usually decorated with a large number of stone and wood finishes; Americans like things with a sense of history, which is not only reflected in their love for antique works of art in soft decoration, but also reflected in their preference for various antique wall and floor tiles and stones in decoration and their pursuit of various antique crafts. With the generous leather sofa, the living room has more taste

in modern American style restaurants, simple solid wood dining tables and chairs, chairs and table edges are generally carved and curved, while the ceiling is generally decorated with black chandeliers, and solid wood side cabinets are also necessary, decorated with wall lamps, which is highly decorative

in the eyes of Americans, kitchens are generally open, and there are also many exquisite decorations, such as wall tiles and kitchen door panels with antique surfaces. They like to use solid wood door leaves or white molded door leaves to imitate wood grain color. Kitchen windows also like to be equipped with curtains

the bedroom layout of modern American home is relatively warm. As the owner's private space, it mainly focuses on functionality and practical comfort. Generally, the bedroom does not have a ceiling lamp, and is decorated with warm and soft sets of cloth art. At the same time, it is very unified in soft decoration and color

modern American style not only retains the color and texture of classical furniture, but also considers practicality and comfort. It is more functional without losing luxury and atmosphere, while taking into account people's actual needs. It is indeed worth choosing. If you want to have American style home, you can contact us online




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