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Ivan finds the right market position, creates more fashionable new products to meet the trend of the times, and seeks greater breakthroughs in the era of Internet +, online and offline joint development

on site interview guests: zhuxiaoxin, director of Ivan's ecological overall home planning, wooden door world: Ivan's exhibition hall is very distinctive this time. What adjustments has the company made in this regard? What are the characteristics of Ivan's products

president Zhu: compared with previous years, the style of products at this exhibition, including color and target age group, has improved. This time, we are promoting our products with the theme of Mediterranean color. The color of Mediterranean is relatively young and fashionable, which is in line with the taste of young people now. Therefore, in the future, the color of our products will also be adjusted to be fresher and younger. The Mediterranean theme selected by our products is more suitable for the post-90s and post-00s. In addition, our plate and skidding have also been improved, so that customers can use healthy and environmentally friendly products. Innovation is the way we have been walking. We will always do better in all aspects of our products, so that customers can rest assured

wooden door world: I see. In addition, we know that Ivan's online performance is relatively good, so what innovation does Ivan have in the planning of offline stores? What support plan do you have for dealers

president Zhu: Ivan whole home has implemented the dealer support plan since 2017. This plan also adapts to the general trend of Internet +, so we have preliminarily realized the o2o mode, combining online and offline. Online includes the promotion of franchised stores, the business of dealers, our brands and products. Then, we transformed the products and style of the exclusive store, and let customers feel the charm of Ivan in the form of offline experience hall. At the same time, our product style should be improved, because our products are also divided into series. In the past, our products were relatively single, the door is the door, and the wardrobe is the wardrobe. In the future, our products are combined with the status of series. We are divided into three series, so that customers can enter our experience hall as if they entered our home, and bring customers a better service. We do our best to provide online and offline services, so that customers feel at home




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