Detailed explanation of mosaic paving construction

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Mosaic is loved by many consumers because of its wear resistance, water resistance, strong plasticity and rich colors. But there are obvious differences in appearance and size between mosaic and ordinary ceramic tiles. People will not only have such questions: how to lay mosaic? The following will bring you mosaic construction technology for your reference

1. Check the construction materials

before construction, carefully check whether the mosaic in the packing box is enough to complete the work. On each packing box, we will display the product model, color number, production batch number, and other details

2. Flatten the foundation of the wall

flatten the foundation of the wall and it must be smooth and of the same color

3. Scribe

scribe on the wall to determine the exact position of each mosaic. Spread the mosaic of 3 stickers side by side on the ground, so that the mortar joint between stickers is the same as that in one sticker. Measure the overall width. Then draw the measured dimension vertically and horizontally on the wall with a ruler and level to form a large square. Then divide the large square into 9 squares, and put 1 mosaic on each square

4. Prepare ceramic tile glue

prepare ceramic tile glue mixed in proportion, and apply ceramic tile glue with an ash shovel, but the applied area cannot exceed the area where 9 mosaics are placed. First, use the ash shovel with smooth edges to smooth the tile glue, and then use the ash shovel with serrated edges to plaster a layer of uniform serrated stripes. Now the mosaic is ready to be laid on the wall

5. Pave and fix

because mosaics are pasted with nets, they can be directly applied to the walls that have been coated with ceramic tile glue. Lay the mosaic vertically. Please note: the gap between pastes must be consistent with the mortar joint of each paste

6. Reinforcement

after each tile is positioned, tap the mosaic surface with a gray board to make it firmly stick to the wall

7. Ensure the consistency of mortar joints

after each tile is fixed, the gap between bricks must be determined as a unified width before starting to place joint filler. In this way, we need to use a small ash shovel to adjust the mortar joint. This is a process that needs patience most in the process of paving mosaic, but the process of paving is the most important link

8. Caulking agent

prepare the required caulking agent. Use a small mortar shovel, take a small amount of mixed sealant each time, and apply it evenly to the mosaic surface. The small mortar shovel should move diagonally, first from bottom to top, and then from top to bottom, to ensure that all mortar joints can be completely filled and there is no excess residue

9. Cleaning

start cleaning the mosaic surface before filling the agent thoroughly. Prepare two buckets, one with new detergent and the other with clean water. First, soak the dishcloth in the bucket with detergent without screwing it dry, and then wipe the mosaic surface in circles; Then soak the sponge in the second bucket with clean water, and then wipe the surface of the mosaic with a sponge to remove all residues. Finally, wipe the surface with a sponge again until it is clean




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