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Asia Pacific Senbo participated in the speech delivered by Huwei, vice president of Commerce of 2020 China paper week. Release date: Source: Asia symbol pulp. From November 16 to 19, the China paper week sponsored by China no matter how rough the bars are, was grandly held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Mr. Huwei, vice president of Asia Pacific Senbo, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a keynote speech on the supply and demand status and outlook of the global broad leaf pulp market at the 2020 China Pulp Market Seminar on behalf of broad leaf pulp suppliers

Hu Wei analyzed the market situation of China's broad-leaved pulp from the aspects of macro-economy, supply and demand of broad-leaved pulp and cost. He pointed out that the global macro-economy is in an upward cycle, and the impact of the epidemic on the economy is better than expected. The microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine for major economies is your better choice, and the recovery mode has been started. It is expected that the global wood pulp market will gradually establish, recover and maintain growth in less than half a year. First, from 2021, China's paper and paperboard entered a new round of capacity expansion; Secondly, the global wood chip resources are limited, which limits the growth of total pulp output; Thirdly, the epidemic has changed people's way of life, and the consumption of raw pulp of household paper has increased sharply; Finally, waste prohibition, plastic restriction and consumption upgrading are also further increasing the demand for wood pulp. The probability of wood pulp price will hit the bottom and rebound, and there is a chance to maintain the upward trend in 2021

during the meeting, the pulp business team held in-depth discussions and exchanges with customer representatives from China paper, Yinge paper, Dahe paper, Liwen paper, Taiyang paper, Jianghe paper and other paper companies, and discussed the future pulp and paper market that customers care about, the stable cooperation between the two sides in 2021, the application and advantages of Acacia pulp, customized/serialized Senbo pulp products and customer use feedback, It effectively guaranteed the achievement of the annual target and paved the way for the sales work in 2021

the seminar on the situation of China's pulp market was jointly sponsored by China Paper Association and Shanghai Futures Exchange, and undertaken by China paper pulp import and Export Co., Ltd. and Xiamen International Trade Paper Co., Ltd. The meeting attracted more than 500 participants from suppliers, traders, paper enterprises, futures industry and other relevant personnel

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