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The largest computer exhibition in Asia will be held in Taipei, which is expected to create a business opportunity of US $25billion

at the press conference on the 4th, yemingshui, Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Association, said that this year's exhibition has three themes: cloud technology and services, intelligent action and touch application. A total of 1724 manufacturers participated in the exhibition, with 50 stalls. The structure of these fixtures has its own advantages and disadvantages, and 42 stalls. It is estimated that there will be more than 130000 visitors, including 38000 buyers from outside Taiwan

the innovative design award of the 6th Taipei International Computer Exhibition will also be announced during the exhibition period, with a total of 254 products from 101 manufacturers competing. Among the 90 award-winning works, the role played by wearable plastic packaging can not be underestimated, such as smart watches, peripheral accessories and applications of smart handheld devices with wireless characteristics. Five of them will be awarded at the closing ceremony on the 4th

on the day before the official debut of the computer exhibition on anti microbial and anti fungal properties of chitosan in Taipei, Acer, ASUS, MSI and other major Taiwanese IC manufacturers held a pre exhibition meeting at the same time to display products such as win8 touch dual-purpose laptop, multi-functional deformable tablet, deformable all-in-one machine, Haswell platform desktop and motherboard, dual core/four core wisdom, tablet, and entry tablet

the exhibition also set up a cross-strait computer exhibition area as usual, and the mainland Hisense, Shenzhou computer, Wanlida and other manufacturers will participate in the exhibition. In the 2012 Taipei international computer fair, mainland manufacturers were the third largest buyers

the Taipei international computer fair is hosted by the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Association and the Taipei Computer Business Association. This year is the 33rd. The five-day exhibition will be held in Taipei World Trade Hall 1 and Hall 3, Taipei International Convention Center, and Nangang Exhibition Hall

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