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Singapore, August 12 (Reuters) - the premium of Asian aviation kerosene over diesel rose to an eight month high on Tuesday due to the stronger trading in the aviation kerosene window and the sluggish demand inside and outside Asia

a window transaction was concluded in the Singapore market at a discount of US $0.70 per barrel, which was narrower than the previous transaction from small trial to medium trial and then to industrialization minus US $0.90

affected by the above transactions, the August/September swap price difference of aviation kerosene improved to minus $0.75 per barrel from minus $0.85 before

in August, the premium of aviation kerosene/diesel rose by US $0.25 to US $4.05 per barrel compared with yesterday, which was the farthest 3-axis and vibration table height since it hit US $4.30 on December 11, 2007 The weak trend of diesel pushed the premium stronger. A trader said, "demand has decreased."

the price difference of ultra-low sulfur diesel in South Korea fell to the discount area for the first time in recent two years, reflecting the poor market conditions On the other hand, supply continues to increase India's HPCL sells 30000 tons of 1% sulfur, and the shipment date is diesel oil later this month

diesel 82. The positive price difference before each experiment/september widened to 21 months on Tuesday, reaching a new low of negative US $1.65 per barrel, and yesterday was negative US $1.45. At the same time, the cracking price difference between diesel and Dubai crude oil in August remained stable near the five-month low of us $22.94

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