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Asia will lead the expansion of polyethylene market and is expected to make huge profits.

polymer demand is closely related to the economic situation. According to the economic forecast, we believe that Asia will lead the growth of the global polymer market, especially polyethylene market in the future. In the next few years, driven by the gradual recovery of the global economy, the polymer market will achieve a good balance between supply and demand, and is expected to get rich profits

in the United States, the shale gas revolution has brought high-quality and low-cost raw materials to the manufacturing industry. The resulting economic vitality helps to enhance consumer confidence and promote the continuous rise in polymer demand. However, in Europe, due to the double negative impact of weak demand and high production costs, the prospect of the polymer industry is still worrying. In emerging markets such as China, India, Indonesia and Brazil, the continuous urbanization process will promote the demand improvement of agriculture, consumer goods, electronics, entertainment and construction industries. At the same time, public infrastructure construction and medical care in emerging markets and developing countries will continue to receive special attention from the government, which will promote the demand growth of polymers, especially polyethylene products

in the next few years, Asia, especially China, will continue to be the growth engine of the global polymer market. The continuous urbanization and economic development in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and India will accelerate the growth of polymer demand. Flame retardant materials include organic flame retardant materials and inorganic flame retardant materials. These countries are actively promoting polymer processing capacity with the support of prosperous domestic and re export markets. Polymer producers that acquire mineral resources in mature markets such as Japan and South Korea by holding shares will enter the segmented differentiated market by improving the industrial LDI and DL – La chain, and gradually give up the market share of daily necessities. In China, polymer capacity growth will be slightly higher than demand growth

in the next 10 years, the future market demand of polyethylene mainly used for packaging is promising. With the increasing population, people pay more and more attention to food safety, and the demand for higher food production and safer storage is also increasing. At the same time, due to the growing concern about the environmental impact of products and packaging, lightweight, recyclable and reusable polyethylene products have become the focus of attention. To seize the opportunity brought by this trend, polyethylene product manufacturers should pay attention to innovation, develop new generation materials, especially help downstream manufacturers obtain better performance with fewer materials, so as to reduce costs and impact on the environment

it also plays a good role in lubrication, heat dissipation and sealing of oil pumps and other components.

polyethylene manufacturers should become the main force to promote innovation. We must change our concept from the original transaction oriented thinking mode to provide customers with a complete set of solutions; Replace existing products with higher costs through research and development of new products, or provide customers with more convenient new applications and solutions. The polymer industry should also work together to solve the environmental problems caused by the waste of plastic products and raise people's awareness of the use of plastic products in local communities

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