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Asia Pacific Senbo won the bid and was shortlisted as the offset paper supplier of people's education press. Release date: Source: Asia Pacific Senbo Guangdong Paper Co., Ltd. Author: sunxiaolei. On October 18, 2019, China Education Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd. announced the official bid winning results of the 2019 paper supplier bidding project (people's Education Society) (Bidding Project No.: tc190198b-1). Asia Pacific Senbo participated in and successfully won the bid for the first time, becoming one of the offset paper suppliers of the people's education press

the first public bidding of the people's education society, the project is the shortlisted bidding of suppliers. The shortlisted suppliers have undertaken the first-class paper supply of self printed primary and secondary school textbooks, teachers' teaching books, teaching auxiliary books, general books and other printed materials of the people's education press Co., Ltd. affiliated to China Education Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd

there are many bidding manufacturers and suppliers for the project, and the requirements for bidding manufacturers are very high. Asia Pacific Senbo meets all the qualification conditions. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to the project, and the management fully supports the project bidding. From the general manager to the sales and marketing leaders, Senbo Asia Pacific supports and leads all departments in bidding. With the concerted efforts of all departments, Senbo Asia Pacific actively cooperates with the bidding department in bidding preparation, and successfully wins the bid in one fell swoop! This is also the best proof of the strength of Asia Pacific Senbo factory

people's education publishing house is subordinate to China education publishing media group. China Education Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned cultural enterprise in the central government. It was established on December 18, 2010. At present, it has a total asset of 22.7 billion and 4500 employees. Since its establishment, the group has won the "top 30 national cultural enterprises" for 7 consecutive years

in 2018, Asia Pacific Senbo successfully developed Yawen book paper (Ben Bai double gummed paper) and began to serve the publishing industry. Yawen book paper is an environmentally friendly Ben Bai double gummed paper that does not add brighteners and dyes. The paper is delicate and soft in color, which meets the educational publishing regulations, protects vision and the environment. The paper plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China. The color is unique, Many publishers favor this distinctive experimental machine for more detection methods and experiences. We will give customers more detailed introduction to the environmental protection paper after customers purchase the experimental machine. Yawen book paper has lived up to expectations, performed well in the printing process of numerous books, and has been recognized by many publishers

with high-quality products and services, Asia Pacific Senbo has won the bid of several central and local publishing and media groups in recent years, which has won the recognition and support of the majority of publishers. In 2019, it was selected to print a number of three subject textbooks of the people's education press, laying a solid foundation for the successful bid to be shortlisted as the offset paper supplier of the people's education press

"print the best teaching materials with the best paper, the best ink, the best glue, the best equipment, the best process, the best technicians." This is the proposal for the joint action plan for the unified compilation of three subject textbooks issued by the people's education press in conjunction with various publishing groups at the 30th national primary and secondary school textbook work conference at the end of 2018

in the future, Asia Pacific Senbo will actively respond to the proposal of the joint action plan for the national unified compilation of three subject teaching materials, use the most advanced equipment, the most stable raw materials, and the best technical sales team, do a good job in the whole process of service tracking, provide the best quality service, and contribute to the healthier development of the publishing education

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