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Asian butadiene buyers strongly oppose the price increase in October. Insiders said on September 24 that Asian butadiene buyers may strongly oppose the price increase. According to the proposed price increase, the price in October will exceed 1750 US dollars/ton (1313 euros/ton)

when the buyer returns to the market next week, the transaction may appear cold, as the regional synthetic rubber producers will insist on keeping the butadiene price low to regain profits in the fourth quarter

the Mid Autumn Festival in China lasts from 3 days to September 24, while in Korea, Thanksgiving is celebrated from September 21 to 23

synthetic rubber producers hope that the price of butadiene will not exceed 1700 US dollars/ton (CFR Northeast Asia). In the week ending September 17, the spot price of butadiene was USD/ton (CFR Northeast Asia)

a downstream synthetic rubber manufacturer said: "in the third quarter, our profits were squeezed out. At that time, the spot price of butadiene rose to more than 2000 US dollars, while the contract price of styrene butadiene rubber was only US dollars/ton."

according to insiders, styrene butadiene rubber producers need a price difference of more than 400 US dollars to make profits

next month, there will be no opportunity to go to the United States for arbitrage trade. Most of the Asian goods will stay in the region, which will prevent Asian butadiene producers from raising the regional price to 1700 US dollars/ton to improve the design time

Asian butadiene producers sometimes take advantage of arbitrage to ship butadiene to the United States

a trader said, "but it is still difficult to compete with the price of the United States."

after the dispute split in September, the contract price of butadiene in the United States may drop by 2% in October About 85% of the US contract price is 92.00 cents/pound, and the rest is 96.00 cents/pound

the price of butanediol to prevent dirt from entering the servo valve is usually determined according to the lowest price quoted by four butadiene manufacturers in the United States, but one of them chose to reduce the contract price in September by 2.00 cents/pound according to the independent newspaper station in the United Kingdom on April 22

due to the tight supply in Asia and the rising price of downstream synthetic rubber, Asian butadiene suppliers want to raise the offer price to USD/ton (freight and freight in Northeast Asia)

the price of downstream non oil filled 1502 styrene butadiene rubber was raised to USD/ton (CIF China), an increase of 200 USD/ton compared with August, because the distributors and tire manufacturers filled their inventories before the one week National Day holiday. The National Day holiday begins on October 1

butadiene is used to produce styrene butadiene rubber, which is the raw material for the production of vehicle tires

business people say that due to the new ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene terpolymer) device and styrene butadiene rubber device driving downstream, what magic has Jinchengli done to conquer the judges of two high-level competitions?, China's butadiene surplus decreased

in June and July, some domestic cracking units and butadiene units shut down unexpectedly, using up the surplus goods

the 200000 t/a butadiene unit of Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical Company, a joint venture between SINOPEC and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, was shut down for three days last week (referring to the week on September 17) due to mechanical failure of Tianjin cracking unit. During the shutdown period, the company produced about 1500 tons of butadiene less

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